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Eastern Coastal Snowfall Observations
from 2009-10-09 07:00 UTC to 2009-10-10 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
0175O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024554GOLDSTON 3.8 N, NC
0425S_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024709LEXINGTON 1.4 NW, GA
0436S_MADIS2009-10-09 110.000247ANNAPOLIS 5.9 NNE, MD
0482H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.0002413LINWOOD 0.7 SSW, NJ
0484H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.0002446SADDLE BROOK TWP 0.6 E, NJ
0513H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024233FRANKLIN TWP 2.8 NNE, NJ
0522H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002472HAMILTON TWP 2.3 NE, NJ
0524H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.0002489HAMILTON TWP 2.2 NE, NJ
0535H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.0002452ASBURY PARK 0.3 N, NJ
0536H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002495WALL TWP 3.7 SE, NJ
0538H_MADIS2009-10-09 220.0002449BELMAR 1.5 W, NJ
0546H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024535MENDHAM TWP 1.2 ESE, NJ
0551H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024820JEFFERSON TWP 2.4 ENE, NJ
0552H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002456BRICK TWP 2.4 N, NJ
0569H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024144BRIDGEWATER TWP 1.9 W, NJ
0572H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024102SOMERVILLE 0.2 ENE, NJ
0586O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002410MERRITT 1.5 WSW, NC
0676S_MADIS2009-10-09 110.000243MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ
0851O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024108GOLDSBORO 1.5 NE, NC
0983O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024587HILLSBOROUGH 8.7 NE, NC
1005H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002439HOLDEN BEACH 2.2 ENE, NC
1026H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.000247ELIZABETH CITY 10.5 NNW, NC
1027H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002426NEWPORT 0.2 SW, NC
1039H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024663SILER CITY 6.6 ENE, NC
1042H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024988WACO 0.7 NNW, NC
1051H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024167HOPE MILLS 8.3 SE, NC
1058H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002413KILL DEVIL HILLS 0.6 S, NC
1059H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002410MANTEO 3.2 NW, NC
1061H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024194MOUNT OLIVE 2.4 SW, NC
1067H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024866WINSTON-SALEM 0.6 S, NC
1070H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024344LOUISBURG 8.2 ESE, NC
1071H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024417YOUNGSVILLE 4.1 SE, NC
1078H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024791GASTONIA 3.9 ESE, NC
1081H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002459GATESVILLE 8.3 NNE, NC
1087H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024912GREENSBORO 1.8 NNW, NC
1091H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024781GREENSBORO 5.3 NNE, NC
1093H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024837GREENSBORO 6.5 SSE, NC
1095H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024892GREENSBORO 1.9 WSW, NC
1097H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024249COATS 0.7 W, NC
1110O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.0002456BRYANS ROAD 1.0 SW, MD
1124H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024171SMITHFIELD 2.8 SE, NC
1128H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024285CLAYTON 5.7 SSE, NC
1132H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024272MIDDLESEX 5.5 SSW, NC
1132O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024279JOHNSTON COUNTY, NC
1153H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024705MOUNT HOLLY 4.4 ENE, NC
1164H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024131ROCKY MOUNT 2.1 NE, NC
1176H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024531ROXBORO 5.1 WNW, NC
1179H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002456GREENVILLE 1.1 S, NC
1193H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024787SALISBURY 4.8 W, NC
1194H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024909CHINA GROVE 4.4 W, NC
1215H_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024623WAXHAW 6.1 NE, NC
1218H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024430HENDERSON 2.5 NNE, NC
1221H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024358RALEIGH 1.5 SW, NC
1225H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024262KNIGHTDALE 2.6 SSW, NC
1246H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024433HOLLY SPRINGS 1.8 ESE, NC
1250H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024276WAKE FOREST 4.2 SW, NC
1251H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024249KNIGHTDALE 1.9 WSW, NC
1260H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024440APEX 2.2 N, NC
1268H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024128GOLDSBORO 4.4 E, NC
1269H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024174PIKEVILLE 6.2 WSW, NC
1971O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024203ODENTON 0.8 WSW, MD
1974H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024358HATFIELD 0.1 SSW, PA
2037H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024463AIKEN 7.2 NNE, SC
2044H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024646IVA 5.8 WNW, SC
2055C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024125CROFTON 1.5 NNE, MD
2056O_MADIS2009-10-09 210.00024640MEBANE 11.2 N, NC
2071O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024420CHAPEL HILL 3.3 SSW, NC
2072O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024699HILLSBOROUGH 7.4 NW, NC
2081H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024374HARTSVILLE 6.7 WNW, SC
2096H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.000241122SANS SOUCI 3.3 ENE, SC
2102C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024322POTOMAC 0.9 NNW, MD
2104C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024430NORBECK 1.0 SE, MD
2113H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024561FORT MILL 3.5 ENE, SC
2122H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024325OAK GROVE 1.4 N, SC
2125H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024449LEXINGTON 5.9 SW, SC
2126C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024696CLARKSBURG 2.1 NE, MD
2129H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024210WEST COLUMBIA 8.0 SW, SC
2145C_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024266CAMP SPRINGS 0.1 ESE, MD
2166H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024906LYMAN 4.1 WNW, SC
2170C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002479RIDGE 1.0 N, MD
2172C_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024115LEONARDTOWN 0.6 NE, MD
2177H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024623BUFFALO 1.5 NE, SC
2180H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024659ROCK HILL 4.1 WNW, SC
2182H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024689TEGA CAY 1.1 N, SC
2183H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024682YORK 1.8 ESE, SC
2492O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002492MILLSTONE 1.8 S, NJ
2564C_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024489RIXEYVILLE 2.5 N, VA
2600C_MADIS2009-10-09 090.00024305REMINGTON 4.0 ENE, VA
2613C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024302LAKE RIDGE 1.7 SW, VA
2744O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024571ANDOVER 2.5 NNW, NJ
2776O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.000241168TAYLORSVILLE 1.3 WNW, NC
2966C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024545SYKESVILLE 2.6 SE, MD
3012O_MADIS2009-10-09 090.00024167SUMTER 1.3 SE, SC
3064C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002462FRANCONIA 1.3 SSE, VA
3094O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024850WELLFORD 3.0 NW, SC
3135O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024364BERNARDS TWP 0.6 NNW, NJ
3195O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024663LAKE WYLIE 2.3 SW, SC
3235O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024276SEVEN OAKS 2.2 NNE, SC
3275O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024666WARREN COUNTY, NJ
3277O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002426BRIDGETON 1.6 W, NC
3278O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024318DURHAM COUNTY, NC
3286O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.000241001HIDDEN SPRINGS, SC
3351O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024203NASHVILLE 3.2 W, NC
3581O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.0002420LAKE COMO 0.2 S, NJ
3609H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024899HUDDLESTON 8.7 SW, VA
3646H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002482WILLIAMSBURG 3.2 W, VA
3647H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024125WILLIAMSBURG 4.9 WNW, VA
3651C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002420HAVELOCK 2.7 S, NC
3658H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024230STERLING 3.7 NNW, VA
3666C_MADIS2009-10-09 090.00024597PENNSBURG 3.0 ENE, PA
3682H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002420MONTROSS 5.2 ESE, VA
3688O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002433MIDDLE TWP 4.4 SW, NJ
3690H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.0002426HAMPTON 8.1 W, VA
3690O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024948BETHLEHEM TWP 0.6 S, NJ
3699H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.0002413VIRGINIA BEACH 3.2 ENE, VA
3700H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002413VIRGINIA BEACH 5.7 NW, VA
3703O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024938RUTHERFORDTON 7.8 SSW, NC
3705O_MADIS2009-10-09 160.0002433PLYMOUTH 0.8 W, NC
3727O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024325CAMDEN 6.6 NE, SC
3734O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024410BLYTHEWOOD 4.7 SSE, SC
3788O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002430LOWER TWP 2.2 NE, NJ
3882O_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024531RAYLE 7.2 N, GA
3884O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024722ARNOLDSVILLE 1.6 SSW, GA
3885O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024784ARNOLDSVILLE 0.4 S, GA
4075O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024102SUMMERTON 8.4 SE, SC
4106O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024741ATHENS 4.6 SE, GA
4257O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024410HUNTERDON COUNTY, NJ
4269O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024289NORTH 0.3 W, SC
4319O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024719CRAWFORD 0.1 NE, GA
4439H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024161GREENBELT 0.5 NE, MD
4455H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024978MORRIS COUNTY, NJ
4456H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024840MOUNT OLIVE TWP 2.1 WNW, NJ
4464O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024896NORTH ATLANTA 2.0 SW, GA
4487O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024486ELBERTON 12.7 ESE, GA
4602O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024699ATHENS 4.5 SE, GA
4621C_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024436ELLICOTT CITY 1.7 WNW, MD
4622O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024499FRANKLIN TWP 0.4 W, NJ
4636O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024863FIVE FORKS 1.0 W, SC
4643O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024476BLYTHEWOOD 1.1 SE, SC
4655O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002436POQUOSON 5.8 W, VA
4676O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024978AUBURN 1.0 NNW, GA
4685O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024108VINELAND 3.5 NW, NJ
4770O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024689PINEVILLE 8.0 W, NC
4773O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.0002479WINTERVILLE 3.5 W, NC
4775O_MADIS2009-10-09 090.00024860ASHEBORO 2.2 SSE, NC
4776O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024240KNIGHTDALE 1.3 WSW, NC
4777O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024436HOLLY SPRINGS 3.6 SSE, NC
4849H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.000243ORTLEY BEACH 0.3 W, NJ
4882O_MADIS2009-10-09 090.0002433VANCEBORO 6.9 NW, NC
4887H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024446SAXE 4.3 SE, VA
4952O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002452LONG BEACH 2.9 NE, NC
5076C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002416CHURCH CREEK 0.3 E, MD
5497H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002413SEA ISLE CITY 1.4 SSW, NJ
5501H_MADIS2009-10-09 190.0002426MIDDLETOWN TWP 2.9 NNW, NJ
5512H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024633KNOWLTON TWP 3.2 SSE, NJ
5528H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024449GASTON 3.8 W, SC
5575C_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002449HERALD HARBOR 0.5 NE, MD
6032H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002416MURRELLS INLET 0.3 SSW, SC
6034C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002410VIRGINIA BEACH (CITY) COUNTY, V
6424H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024531DENVILLE TWP 0.8 N, NJ
6427H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024971VERNON TWP 2.2 WNW, NJ
6429O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024837JEFFERSON 4.4 SW, GA
6467O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024899ELLENBORO 3.1 SW, NC
6598C_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024226FREDERICKSBURG 5.2 SSW, VA
6610C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024515RUCKERSVILLE 5.3 SE, VA
6671O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024673COLBERT 3.9 SSE, GA
6675O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024315WAKE COUNTY, NC
6737O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024279CLAYTON 1.6 S, NC
6765O_MADIS2009-10-09 090.0002436NEWPORT NEWS 3.3 E, VA
6829H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.0002430BERKELEY TWP 2.9 ENE, NJ
6834H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002413EDENTON 7.5 E, NC
6918O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024331LEXINGTON 1.0 SE, SC
7003O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024794ROXBURY TWP 1.7 S, NJ
7014O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024584GREENWOOD 2.8 NNW, SC
7015O_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024374LUGOFF 1.6 WSW, SC
7112O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002443WOODBINE 0.8 NNW, NJ
7288C_MADIS2009-10-09 130.0002413PRINCESS ANNE 2.1 SSW, MD
7303O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002489PARK HALL 0.2 SW, MD
7384C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002410SHADY SIDE 1.6 NW, MD
7428C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002439PORTSMOUTH 4.1 SSE, VA
7429O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024856STATESVILLE 2.9 ENE, NC
7498O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024591WAXHAW 4.0 NNE, NC
7575A_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024902NORTH DECATUR 2.6 N, GA
7577A_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024909NORTH ATLANTA 2.8 ESE, GA
7608H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002449MARYDEL 2.4 SE, DE
7610A_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024866LAVONIA 1.8 W, GA
7610H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002469CLAYTON 6.6 W, DE
7612H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002436GEORGETOWN 5.8 W, DE
7613H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002449DELMAR 4.3 E, DE
7615A_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024827ATLANTA 3.7 N, GA
7680A_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024636ARNOLDSVILLE 3.7 SSW, GA
7738A_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024545WASHINGTON 4.8 ESE, GA
7751O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.000241063NORTH DECATUR 3.0 NNE, GA
7818O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024233WAYNE TWP 1.1 ESE, NJ
8162O_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024358RALEIGH 3.7 NNE, NC
8244H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.000247LEWES 0.8 SE, DE
8255O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002462ALEXANDRIA 1.8 S, VA
8275H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002472PISCATAWAY TWP 1.0 WSW, NJ
8284H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002459ELIZABETHTOWN 6.2 NW, NC
8286H_MADIS2009-10-09 090.00024135HOPE MILLS 4.8 SE, NC
8287H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024223FAYETTEVILLE 4.2 N, NC
8296H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024210FAYETTEVILLE 8.9 SW, NC
8306H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024164ST. PAULS 0.6 NW, NC
8307H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024144CLINTON 5.8 SW, NC
8310H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024226LAUREL HILL 0.4 NE, NC
8311H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.000241145ARARAT 4.7 SW, NC
8488O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024292LEXINGTON 2.9 NE, SC
8538O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024164MOUNT OLIVE 6.0 SE, NC
8688C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024207RALEIGH 6.2 E, NC
8690O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024702ELON COLLEGE 0.6 SSW, NC
8788C_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024315WAKE COUNTY, NC
8871O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.0002466PALISADES PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
8887O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024912WALKERTOWN 3.2 NW, NC
8923O_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002416SUFFOLK 13.3 NE, VA
9103H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002443GREENWOOD 2.9 SE, DE
9105C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002413CARTERET COUNTY, NC
9111H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024961TUCKER 4.1 SW, GA
9147H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024722CLINTON TWP 3.9 N, NJ
9170H_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024203COLUMBIA 5.0 SW, SC
9171C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024791KANNAPOLIS 5.2 E, NC
9177C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002420MOREHEAD CITY 0.6 NW, NC
9185C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024180FAYETTEVILLE 2.4 S, NC
9186C_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002413COROLLA 11.7 NNW, NC
9195C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.0002459AYDEN 1.7 ESE, NC
9206C_MADIS2009-10-09 100.00024174WILSON 2.1 NNW, NC
9257C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024266WENDELL 6.5 S, NC
9294C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024157MOUNT OLIVE 9.6 ESE, NC
9306C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024341HOLLY SPRINGS 1.8 SW, NC
9315C_MADIS2009-10-09 120.00024217WILSON COUNTY, NC
9419A_MADIS2009-10-09 100.0002495LA PLATA 2.6 WNW, MD
9421A_MADIS2009-10-09 090.00024197WALDORF 2.4 W, MD
9446A_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024367WHITE OAK 1.7 NW, MD
9450A_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024453ROSSMOOR 1.3 ESE, MD
9468A_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002426TRAPPE 3.5 NE, MD
9475A_MADIS2009-10-09 120.0002416OCEAN PINES 1.8 NW, MD
9772C_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024102NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, NC
9874H_MADIS2009-10-10 020.000247WASHINGTON 7.6 SE, NC
9875H_MADIS2009-10-09 110.00024180STEDMAN 1.0 NW, NC
ANDS12009-10-09 120.00024840FIRE DEPARTMENT
BOSV22009-10-09 110.00024548BOSTON,VA
CNWM22009-10-09 120.00024131MI.S CONOWINGO,MD
CPMN42009-10-10 040.00024202MI.NW CAPE MAY,NJ
CRVV22009-10-09 120.000248692MI.W CHARLOTTESVILLE,VA
DALD22009-10-09 120.0002413DALECARLIA RSVR
DNVV22009-10-09 110.00024417DANVILLE,VA
DYLP12009-10-09 100.00024318DOYLESTOWN,PA
EDEN72009-10-09 110.00024509EDEN,NC
FLOS12009-10-09 110.00024131FLORENCE,SC
GNMP12009-10-09 110.00024492GLENMOORE,PA
HDNN72009-10-09 120.000243612MI.NNW HENDERSON,NC
HLTP12009-10-09 120.00024400HOLTWOOD,PA
LAUN72009-10-09 120.00024233WATER PLANT
LCRP12009-10-09 120.000243082MI.ENE LANCASTER,PA
LEBP12009-10-10 040.000244662MI.W LEBANON,PA
LOUV22009-10-09 220.000243711MI.N LOUISA,VA
MDSV22009-10-09 120.00024581MADISON
MILP12009-10-09 120.00024315MILLERSVILLE
MLLM22009-10-09 220.000248074MI.NE MILLERS,MD
NHDP12009-10-09 120.000246002MI.SE NEW HOLLAND,PA
OAKP12009-10-10 040.000241571MI.E OAKFORD,PA
PFAN72009-10-09 120.00024892PFAFFTOWN
PFIP12009-10-09 140.00024102FRANKLIN INSTITUTE
PLVP12009-10-09 110.00024279BLUE MARSH LAKE
RAPN72009-10-09 120.00024112ROANOKE RAPIDS,NC
RDVN72009-10-09 120.000248232MI.NW REIDSVILLE,NC
SAHP12009-10-09 120.00024217SAFE HARBOR DAM
SBYM22009-10-09 210.0002443SALISBURY,MD
STVM22009-10-09 110.000247STEVENSVILLE
WKFV22009-10-10 040.00024164NWS OFFFICE
WRIN42009-10-09 110.00024135WRIGHTSVILLE NJ
YHNP12009-10-09 120.00024308YORK HAVEN,PA
YKNN72009-10-09 120.000248506MI.E YADKINVILLE,NC
Data last summarized at October 13 2009 02:14:21 UTC.

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