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Eastern Coastal Snow Depth Observations
from 2021-11-29 07:00 UTC to 2021-11-30 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
NJ-SS-402021-11-29 120.003274STILLWATER TWP 1.0 WSW, NJ
NJ-WR-12021-11-29 120.003123GREENWICH TWP 1.6 S, NJ
ALBV22021-11-29 130.000119ALBERTA,VA
AMLV22021-11-29 130.000113AMELIA COURT HOUSE
ANDS12021-11-29 120.000247ANDERSON
ANTS12021-11-29 120.000212ANTREVILLE
APG2021-11-29 120.0009PHILLIPS AAF
APXV22021-11-29 130.000258APPOMATTOX
ASHV22021-11-29 230.00073ASHLAND,VA
ATWN72021-11-29 110.000271ATWELL
BATS12021-11-29 130.000198WATER FILTER PLANT
BOON42021-11-29 120.00086BOONTON 1 SE AT RESERVOIR
BRKV22021-11-29 120.000126BROOKNEAL
BUKV22021-11-29 120.000183BUCKINGHAM
CATS12021-11-29 120.000175CATAWBA
CHMV22021-11-29 110.000198CHATHAM
CLAV22021-11-29 120.000112CLARKSVILLE,VA
CLEN72021-11-29 130.000221SALISBURY 9 WNW
CNES12021-11-29 120.000231CHESNEE 7 WSW
CONV22021-11-29 120.000244CONCORD 4 SSW
CPMN42021-11-30 050.0008CAPE MAY 2NE
CRVV22021-11-29 130.000264CHARLOTTESVILLE 2W COOP
CRZV22021-11-29 120.00093CROZIER,VA
CSHP12021-11-29 120.00023CONSHOHOCKEN
CSTS12021-11-29 120.000177CHESTER 1 SE
CTFS12021-11-29 150.00062CHESTERFIELD 3 E
CTNS12021-11-29 120.000201CLINTON
CYLM22021-11-29 130.000109CYLBURN COOP
DANG12021-11-29 120.000265DANIELSVILLE
DE-KN-332021-11-29 120.00011SMYRNA 3.5 SSW, DE
DMAM22021-11-30 030.000213DAMASCUS 3 SSW COOP
DNBN72021-11-29 120.000267DANBURY
DNLV22021-11-29 120.000125VIENNA COOP
DNVV22021-11-30 050.000127DANVILLE
EDEN72021-11-29 110.000156EDEN
EMMM22021-11-29 110.000125EMMITSBURG 2 SE COOP
ESMN42021-11-29 130.00026ESTELL MANOR
FLMN42021-11-29 120.00082FLEMINGTON 5 NNW
FRHN42021-11-29 130.00053FREEHOLD-MARLBORO
FTIS12021-11-29 130.000254FOUNTAIN INN 2 SW
GA-BW-122021-11-29 120.000321AUBURN 1.6 E, GA
GNMP12021-11-29 120.000195GLENMOORE
GTAN72021-11-29 130.000237GASTONIA
HGHN42021-11-29 120.000407HIGHLAND LAKES 1SW
HMTN42021-11-29 130.00029HAMMONTON
HRWG12021-11-29 130.000247HARTWELL
HSNN42021-11-29 110.00080.2 MI E OF HARRISON P.O. PASSAIC RVR
HUDV22021-11-29 120.000271HUDDLESTON 4 SW
JEFS22021-11-29 110.000133JEFFERSON 0.1 NW
JOHS12021-11-29 140.000190JOHNSTON,SC
KCIV22021-11-30 050.00086WFO STERLING COOP
KIGN72021-11-29 120.000336KING
LAUN72021-11-29 130.00071WATER PLANT
LBRN42021-11-29 110.00011LONG BRANCH
LEBP12021-11-30 050.000142LEBANON,PA
LIMS12021-11-29 140.000186LITTLE MOUNTAIN,SC
LNCG12021-11-29 130.000137LINCOLNTON
LNCG22021-11-29 130.000146LINCOLNTON 4.4S
LNKN72021-11-29 120.000240LINCOLNTON 2 NW
LNTN72021-11-29 230.000271LINCOLNTON 4 W
LRNS12021-11-29 130.000185LAURENS
LUGS12021-11-29 140.00058LUGOFF 2NE
MAYN42021-11-29 140.00011MAYS LANDING 1 W
MCCS12021-11-29 120.000157MCCORMICK
MD-AA-652021-11-29 120.00070ODENTON 1.0 N, MD
MD-BL-352021-11-30 000.000222REISTERSTOWN 1.2 NW, MD
MD-CR-362021-11-29 120.000252WESTMINSTER 3.4 SSW, MD
MD-CV-72021-11-29 130.00043PRINCE FREDERICK 1.4 W, MD
MD-FR-412021-11-29 140.000148NEW MARKET 1.7 NW, MD
MD-HR-232021-11-29 110.000227NORRISVILLE 0.6 WSW, MD
MD-HW-182021-11-29 120.000120COLUMBIA 2.3 N, MD
MD-MG-1342021-11-30 050.000152CLARKSBURG 1.4 SSE, MD
MD-MG-1382021-11-29 110.000153MONTGOMERY VILLAGE 1.1 ENE, MD
MD-WC-262021-11-29 110.00014DELMAR 0.3 ESE, MD
MGNP12021-11-29 120.000182MORGANTOWN
MLLM22021-11-29 230.000262MILLERS 4 NE COOP
MORN42021-11-29 120.00021MOORESTOWN,NJ
MORN72021-11-29 120.000166MONROE 2 SE
MSQN42021-11-29 120.0009MANASQUAN
MTON72021-11-29 130.00048MOUNT OLIVE 6SE
NBRN42021-11-29 130.00021NEW BRUNSWICK 3 SE
NC-BR-22021-11-29 110.00019LELAND 5.7 WSW, NC
NC-CH-442021-11-29 120.000189PITTSBORO 5.4 NNW, NC
NC-CR-282021-11-29 120.0006OCEAN 0.5 S, NC
NC-CT-392021-11-29 120.000293NEWTON 2.9 SE, NC
NC-DH-782021-11-29 120.000145DURHAM 4.6 WNW, NC
NC-DR-692021-11-29 120.0009SOUTHERN SHORES 0.5 NNE, NC
NC-JH-892021-11-29 120.00057SELMA 2.3 N, NC
NC-JH-982021-11-29 120.00081CLAYTON 4.2 SSE, NC
NC-MR-402021-11-29 120.000126ABERDEEN 0.7 NW, NC
NC-WK-1852021-11-29 120.000100MORRISVILLE 1.5 SSW, NC
NC-WK-2032021-11-29 130.000128RALEIGH 3.6 NNE, NC
NC-YD-32021-11-29 120.000260YADKINVILLE 6.3 SSE, NC
NC-YD-52021-11-29 140.000317HAMPTONVILLE 1.4 NNW, NC
NHDP12021-11-30 050.000183NEW HOLLAND,PA
NJ-AT-112021-11-29 130.00026ESTELL MANOR 4.0 WNW, NJ
NJ-AT-132021-11-29 120.00021EGG HARBOR TWP 1.3 NW, NJ
NJ-AT-462021-11-29 120.00021GALLOWAY TWP 2.9 SW, NJ
NJ-AT-92021-11-29 120.00012LINWOOD 0.7 SSW, NJ
NJ-BG-182021-11-29 140.00020PALISADES PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
NJ-BT-32021-11-29 120.00013BURLINGTON 1.7 E, NJ
NJ-BT-42021-11-29 120.00014MOUNT LAUREL TWP 2.5 ENE, NJ
NJ-BT-802021-11-29 120.00029MANSFIELD TWP 1.9 SW, NJ
NJ-BT-862021-11-29 120.00020MOUNT LAUREL TWP 2.2 E, NJ
NJ-CD-12021-11-29 130.00029UPPER DEERFIELD TWP 1.7 SW, NJ
NJ-CD-202021-11-29 100.00032UPPER DEERFIELD TWP 0.7 NNE, NJ
NJ-CM-382021-11-29 120.0006OCEAN CITY 1.6 SW, NJ
NJ-CN-52021-11-29 130.00042WINSLOW TWP 3.5 W, NJ
NJ-GL-62021-11-29 120.00031FRANKLIN TWP 2.7 W, NJ
NJ-HN-152021-11-29 110.00059FLEMINGTON 0.3 E, NJ
NJ-HN-182021-11-29 130.000194CLINTON TWP 3.9 N, NJ
NJ-MC-22021-11-29 120.00029HAMILTON TWP 2.3 NE, NJ
NJ-MC-652021-11-29 120.00028HAMILTON TWP 2.6 NNE, NJ
NJ-MC-92021-11-29 110.00038LAWRENCE TWP 1.8 SSW, NJ
NJ-MD-22021-11-29 120.00033NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP 1.5 W, NJ
NJ-MD-622021-11-29 120.0006OLD BRIDGE TWP 5.1 NE, NJ
NJ-MD-952021-11-29 130.00016MIDDLESEX 0.1 ENE, NJ
NJ-MN-172021-11-29 120.00045HOWELL TWP 2.5 W, NJ
NJ-MN-482021-11-29 110.00011LONG BRANCH 0.5 W, NJ
NJ-MN-642021-11-29 120.00032HOWELL TWP 3.7 SSW, NJ
NJ-MS-1112021-11-29 230.000323MOUNT OLIVE TWP 1.6 NNW, NJ
NJ-MS-422021-11-29 130.000228RANDOLPH TWP 2.0 E, NJ
NJ-MS-592021-11-29 120.000117MADISON 0.8 WSW, NJ
NJ-MS-612021-11-29 120.000238WASHINGTON TWP 3.6 W, NJ
NJ-MS-712021-11-29 120.000166DENVILLE TWP 1.5 ESE, NJ
NJ-MS-942021-11-29 130.000297JEFFERSON TWP 4.4 SW, NJ
NJ-MS-982021-11-29 120.000159HARDING TWP 2.4 W, NJ
NJ-OC-132021-11-29 120.0007POINT PLEASANT BEACH 0.5 SW, NJ
NJ-OC-902021-11-29 110.0007PINE BEACH 0.4 NW, NJ
NJ-PS-122021-11-29 120.00062LITTLE FALLS TWP 0.5 WNW, NJ
NJ-PS-142021-11-29 120.00020HAWTHORNE 1.0 SSE, NJ
NJ-SM-122021-11-29 140.00028FRANKLIN TWP 3.8 ENE, NJ
NJ-SM-652021-11-29 130.00032HILLSBOROUGH TWP 3.5 SE, NJ
NJ-SM-672021-11-29 120.00040FRANKLIN TWP 2.4 ENE, NJ
NJ-SM-922021-11-29 110.00023FRANKLIN TWP 3.4 NNW, NJ
NJ-SM-952021-11-29 120.000116WARREN TWP 2.1 SW, NJ
NJ-SS-12021-11-29 120.000211ANDOVER TWP 1.7 W, NJ
NJ-SS-32021-11-29 120.000141VERNON TWP 1.7 N, NJ
NJ-SS-392021-11-29 120.000170WANTAGE TWP 1.6 SE, NJ
NJ-SS-542021-11-29 120.000328SPARTA TWP 3.6 SSW, NJ
NJ-SS-72021-11-29 120.000323HARDYSTON TWP 3.2 SE, NJ
NJ-UN-362021-11-29 130.00021CLARK TWP 1.3 ENE, NJ
NJ-WR-342021-11-29 120.000132BLAIRSTOWN TWP 2.4 E, NJ
NJ-WR-372021-11-29 120.000206FRELINGHUYSEN TWP 1.5 WNW, NJ
NJ-WR-52021-11-29 120.000172HACKETTSTOWN 0.8 W, NJ
NTHV22021-11-29 220.0004NORTH
OAKP12021-11-30 050.00019NESHAMINY FALLS
OCRN72021-11-30 050.0003OCRACOKE
PA-AD-712021-11-29 120.000168HANOVER 3.5 WSW, PA
PA-BK-392021-11-29 130.000122PERKASIE 0.8 NE, PA
PA-BR-22021-11-29 120.00096READING 3.5 SW, PA
PA-BR-352021-11-29 130.000267NEW MORGAN 1.8 WNW, PA
PA-BR-372021-11-29 130.00097SHILLINGTON 0.5 E, PA
PA-BR-412021-11-29 120.000217FLEETWOOD 4.8 ESE, PA
PA-BR-72021-11-29 120.000242FLEETWOOD 2.0 ESE, PA
PA-CH-492021-11-29 130.000166EXTON 2.1 SE, PA
PA-DL-152021-11-30 060.000111BRYN MAWR 0.7 W, PA
PA-MT-1112021-11-29 120.000126PENNSBURG 2.4 SSW, PA
PA-MT-942021-11-29 140.000100LANSDALE 2.9 SW, PA
PA-YR-202021-11-29 120.000158MOUNT WOLF 1.0 SE, PA
PBGV22021-11-29 120.0005PETERSBURG,VA
PENN42021-11-29 120.00017PENNSAUKEN 1N
PFIP12021-11-29 140.00018FRANKLIN INSTITUTE
PLNS12021-11-29 120.000138PELION 0.8 NW
PLVP12021-11-29 120.000105BLUE MARSH LAKE
PURV22021-11-29 130.000154PURCELLVILLE COOP
RAPN72021-11-29 120.00034ROANOKE RAPIDS,NC
RDVN72021-11-29 120.000251REIDSVILLE 2 NW
RGLN42021-11-29 120.00048REIGELSVILLE
ROEN42021-11-29 140.00016ROEBLING
SADS12021-11-29 130.000149SALUDA COOP
SC-GV-352021-11-29 120.000292GREENVILLE 5.4 WNW, SC
SC-HR-1232021-11-29 120.000-4MYRTLE BEACH 4.5 NNW, SC
SC-HR-752021-11-29 120.000-2MYRTLE BEACH 7.4 NNW, SC
SC-RC-122021-11-29 120.000117COLUMBIA 6.7 N, SC
SC-SP-1002021-11-29 120.000324INMAN 2.9 W, SC
SFPV22021-11-30 050.00095SPRINGFIELD PARK
SOBV22021-11-29 120.00099SOUTH BOSTON
SOLM22021-11-29 130.0004SOLOMONS COOP
SPGP12021-11-29 120.000100MANATAWNY CK NR
SPRP12021-11-29 120.000265SPRINGTOWN 1 NNE
SRVP12021-11-29 140.00094SELLERSVILLE
STUV22021-11-29 120.000353STUART
STVN72021-11-29 130.000245STATESVILLE,NC
SUXN42021-11-29 120.000190SUSSEX 1 NW
VA-AC-162021-11-29 120.0008METOMPKIN 0.9 SE, VA
VA-CP-22021-11-29 120.000149RIXEYVILLE 2.5 N, VA
VA-CS-482021-11-29 120.00062BON AIR 4.0 S, VA
VA-FQ-212021-11-29 120.000215MARSHALL 8.0 SW, VA
VA-FX-1052021-11-29 120.00010ALEXANDRIA 6.8 S, VA
VA-FX-332021-11-29 120.00019FRANCONIA 1.3 SSE, VA
VA-FX-402021-11-29 120.000119VIENNA 3.3 N, VA
VA-FX-722021-11-30 050.000109OAK HILL 0.3 WSW, VA
VA-FX-902021-11-29 120.0007ALEXANDRIA 6.9 S, VA
VA-HR-372021-11-29 120.00073RICHMOND 5.3 NW, VA
VA-HR-62021-11-29 120.00095GLEN ALLEN 4.6 W, VA
VA-NRC-32021-11-29 120.0005NORFOLK 5.0 SSW, VA
VA-PC-52021-11-29 120.00038DISPUTANTA 6.3 NE, VA
VA-PRC-22021-11-29 120.00012PORTSMOUTH 4.1 SSE, VA
VALN72021-11-29 120.000305VALE AG 2 SW
WKFV22021-11-30 050.00050NWS OFFFICE
WLMN72021-11-29 120.0007WILMINGTON 7 SE
WMBV22021-11-30 050.00026WILLIAMSBURG,VA
WPTV22021-11-29 220.00011WEST POINT,VA
WTPV22021-11-29 120.000101WINTERPOCK
YAVN72021-11-29 120.000186YANCEYVILLE 4 SE
YKNN72021-11-29 120.000259YADKINVILLE 6 E
YORS12021-11-29 120.000199YORK 5 SSE
Data last summarized at December 02 2021 06:02:56 UTC.

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