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Eastern Coastal Snow Depth Observations
from 2014-02-26 07:00 UTC to 2014-02-27 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
9925O_MADIS2014-02-26 1115.000489WASHINGTON 0.6 ENE, NJ
4455H_MADIS2014-02-26 1114.5001050MORRIS COUNTY, NJ
6128S_MADIS2014-02-26 1314.000830ROCKAWAY TWP 0.7 NE, NJ
3690O_MADIS2014-02-26 1413.500948BETHLEHEM TWP 0.6 S, NJ
0488H_MADIS2014-02-26 1313.000499OAKLAND 0.9 SSE, NJ
0551H_MADIS2014-02-26 1212.500794JEFFERSON TWP 2.4 ENE, NJ
9869H_MADIS2014-02-26 1312.000407NEW PROVIDENCE 0.8 ESE, NJ
SPRP12014-02-26 1212.000771SPRINGTOWN,PA
0573H_MADIS2014-02-26 1211.000643WANTAGE TWP 2.4 SW, NJ
0579H_MADIS2014-02-26 1211.000564HACKETTSTOWN 0.8 W, NJ
4340B_MADIS2014-02-26 1411.000551MENDHAM TWP 0.5 ESE, NJ
9884H_MADIS2014-02-26 1111.000794MOHNTON 2.8 SSW, PA
1464O_MADIS2014-02-26 1310.500748RANDOLPH TWP 2.0 E, NJ
3695O_MADIS2014-02-26 1310.5001060HARDYSTON TWP 3.2 SE, NJ
6139S_MADIS2014-02-26 1210.50066HAWTHORNE 1.0 SSE, NJ
6153S_MADIS2014-02-26 1410.500692ANDOVER TWP 1.7 W, NJ
0517H_MADIS2014-02-26 1110.000778HOLLAND TWP 2.6 NNE, NJ
0542H_MADIS2014-02-26 1310.000715ROCKAWAY 0.4 NNW, NJ
1405B_MADIS2014-02-26 1310.000226FLORHAM PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
6087S_MADIS2014-02-26 1210.000249OAKLAND 0.2 WNW, NJ
6112S_MADIS2014-02-26 1310.000591CALIFON 0.6 NW, NJ
MGNP12014-02-26 1210.000597MORGANTOWN
PTTN42014-02-26 1310.0005352MI.NNW POTTERSVILLE,NJ
0567H_MADIS2014-02-26 129.500105BRIDGEWATER TWP 3.3 NW, NJ
0577H_MADIS2014-02-26 129.500404GREENWICH TWP 1.6 S, NJ
3134O_MADIS2014-02-26 109.50098HAWTHORNE 0.4 S, NJ
6020H_MADIS2014-02-26 119.500558WANTAGE TWP 1.5 SE, NJ
5617B_MADIS2014-02-26 129.000305FRENCHTOWN 0.5 N, NJ
6154S_MADIS2014-02-26 129.000463VERNON TWP 1.7 N, NJ
IRCP12014-02-26 199.000581HANOVER 3 NE SNOW
SRVP12014-02-26 129.000564SEWAGE PLANT OUTSIDE AND .25MI AT PA
D6221_MADIS2014-02-26 148.900627DW6221 WHITE HALL
6840S_MADIS2014-02-26 138.500354OLEY 1.9 E, PA
6014H_MADIS2014-02-26 138.000203LITTLE FALLS TWP 0.5 WNW, NJ
3103B_MADIS2014-02-26 127.50066FRANKLIN TWP 4.6 NNW, NJ
6117S_MADIS2014-02-26 127.500108NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP 1.5 W, NJ
8870O_MADIS2014-02-26 127.50092GLEN ROCK 0.7 SSE, NJ
EXTP12014-02-26 147.00030EXTON
PLVP12014-02-26 127.000279BLUE MARSH LAKE
0515H_MADIS2014-02-26 136.000157FLEMINGTON 2.3 E, NJ
0571H_MADIS2014-02-26 136.00092FRANKLIN TWP 3.8 ENE, NJ
1638R_MADIS2014-02-26 116.00098FRANKLIN TWP 3.1 NE, NJ
3135O_MADIS2014-02-26 126.000308BERNARDS TWP 0.6 NNW, NJ
3693V_MADIS2014-02-26 136.000187FRANKLIN TWP 5.9 SW, NJ
6146S_MADIS2014-02-26 126.000108HILLSBOROUGH TWP 4.7 ESE, NJ
FLMN42014-02-26 136.000983MI.E FLEMINGTON,NJ
GRLP12014-02-26 146.000479GREEN LANE,PA
IRBP12014-02-26 196.000794GLENVILLE 1 E SNOW
LCRP12014-02-26 126.0003082MI.ENE LANCASTER,PA
6627B_MADIS2014-02-26 135.500512HANOVER 4.2 WNW, PA
6843S_MADIS2014-02-26 145.500371DOYLESTOWN 3.7 W, PA
0513H_MADIS2014-02-26 125.000269FRANKLIN TWP 2.8 NNE, NJ
0570H_MADIS2014-02-26 115.000515BEDMINSTER TWP 2.9 ESE, NJ
0675S_MADIS2014-02-26 105.000663LEBANON 2.8 N, NJ
3045C_MADIS2014-02-26 135.000266BLUE BELL 2.3 NW, PA
4542B_MADIS2014-02-26 135.000394SALUNGA-LANDISVILLE 1.1 SSE, PA
5587B_MADIS2014-02-26 125.000272WEST AMWELL TWP 3.2 E, NJ
5678C_MADIS2014-02-26 125.000679LANCASTER COUNTY, PA
9147H_MADIS2014-02-26 135.000636CLINTON TWP 3.9 N, NJ
IRAP12014-02-26 195.000607SPRING GROVE 2 S SNOW
IREP12014-02-26 195.000397INDIAN ROCK DAM SNOW
KTEB2014-02-26 125.00023TETERBORO AIRPORT
NPKP12014-02-26 235.000774NEW PARK,PA
TEB2014-02-26 125.00010TETERBORO AIRPORT
WCHP12014-02-26 125.000331WEST CHESTER 2 NW
0511H_MADIS2014-02-26 124.00020HARRISON 0.3 N, NJ
2492C_MADIS2014-02-26 124.000318WEST LAWN 0.9 SSE, PA
5699B_MADIS2014-02-26 124.000210BRIDGEWATER TWP 1.6 NNW, NJ
GNMP12014-02-26 124.000492GLENMOORE,PA
HSNN42014-02-26 124.00070.2 MI E OF HARRISON P.O. PASSIAC RVR
IRDP12014-02-26 194.000476SPRING GROVE SNOW
MLLM22014-02-26 234.000860MILLERS 4 NE COOP
UNNP12014-02-26 134.000561HANOVER
8871O_MADIS2014-02-26 143.50066PALISADES PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
1298B_MADIS2014-02-26 113.000810GLEN ROCK 2.2 ESE, PA
1779V_MADIS2014-02-26 133.000344CHADDS FORD 3.1 SW, PA
2116O_MADIS2014-02-26 123.000220SPRING CITY 0.6 SSW, PA
6676B_MADIS2014-02-26 123.000581LITTLESTOWN 3.7 WNW, PA
7142B_MADIS2014-02-26 123.000535WEST GROVE 2.6 W, PA
BELN42014-02-26 123.000262BRIDGE
HERP12014-02-26 123.000377SWATARA CK
HLTP12014-02-26 123.000400HOLTWOOD,PA
NBRN42014-02-26 133.000923MI.SE NEW BRUNSWICK,NJ
SAHP12014-02-26 133.000217SAFE HARBOR DAM
1762B_MADIS2014-02-26 122.500518MOUNT WOLF 1.0 SE, PA
6586B_MADIS2014-02-26 142.500594ABBOTTSTOWN 1.1 SSE, PA
1993H_MADIS2014-02-26 122.000171ROCKLEDGE 1.3 SE, PA
2907B_MADIS2014-02-26 122.000148NEWARK 1.5 S, DE
5019O_MADIS2014-02-26 132.000699JARRETTSVILLE 6.8 N, MD
6437H_MADIS2014-02-26 132.000509DAUPHIN COUNTY, PA
6783C_MADIS2014-02-26 122.000463ABBOTTSTOWN 2.4 N, PA
9148H_MADIS2014-02-26 122.000262LEBANON 3.2 SW, NJ
9437A_MADIS2014-02-26 132.000410KINGSVILLE 2.5 NNE, MD
LEBP12014-02-27 052.0004662MI.W LEBANON,PA
NHDP12014-02-27 052.0006002MI.SE NEW HOLLAND,PA
WARV22014-02-26 132.000505WARRENTON 3SE COOP
WRTN42014-02-26 122.000190WERTSVILLE,NJ
1862H_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500627YORK SPRINGS 0.7 SE, PA
1923H_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500341WEST CHESTER 2.4 SSE, PA
2527C_MADIS2014-02-26 141.500436DOVER 4.2 WSW, PA
3526V_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500256ELKTON 4.8 NW, MD
5481B_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500453WEST CHESTER 1.8 SE, PA
5628S_MADIS2014-02-26 131.500538BALDWIN 2.7 WNW, MD
5645S_MADIS2014-02-26 131.50030QUEENSTOWN 2.6 S, MD
6588B_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500554GETTYSBURG 2.6 NNW, PA
7557S_MADIS2014-02-26 141.500394VIENNA 1.3 W, VA
7558S_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500315MCLEAN 1.5 S, VA
9109S_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500453MCLEAN 2.4 SSE, VA
9663O_MADIS2014-02-26 121.500436NOTTINGHAM 1.5 SW, PA
2055C_MADIS2014-02-26 121.200131BIRDSVILLE 0.2 WSW, MD
0493H_MADIS2014-02-26 131.00082MOORESTOWN TWP 0.6 SE, NJ
0821B_MADIS2014-02-26 131.000207WALDORF 3.3 S, MD
1975H_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000335HARLEYSVILLE 2.1 SW, PA
2082C_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000200WALDORF 3.6 SSE, MD
2116C_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000367COLESVILLE 1.7 W, MD
2121C_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000338WHITE OAK 1.2 N, MD
2138C_MADIS2014-02-26 131.000135BOWIE 0.5 E, MD
2140C_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000180OXON HILL 1.1 W, MD
2145C_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000266CAMP SPRINGS 0.1 ESE, MD
2599C_MADIS2014-02-26 131.000427WARRENTON 5.5 SSE, VA
5458B_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000463RESTON 1.8 SSW, VA
7612H_MADIS2014-02-26 131.00033GEORGETOWN 5.8 W, DE
8375B_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000627MADISON 6.9 NNW, VA
9399B_MADIS2014-02-26 131.000377OAKTON 0.4 E, VA
9442A_MADIS2014-02-26 131.000377CLARKSVILLE 1.0 SE, MD
9453A_MADIS2014-02-26 121.000157BRANDYWINE 6.7 ESE, MD
BTVM22014-02-26 131.000151BELTSVILLE COOP
CYLM22014-02-26 131.000358CYLBURN COOP
D8780_MADIS2014-02-26 171.00033DW8780 SEAFORD
GRFP12014-02-26 121.000292SITE 2
HWDV22014-02-26 121.000650HAYWOOD
KDAA2014-02-26 181.00049FORT BELVOIR
KNHK2014-02-26 121.00013NAS PATUXENT RIVER MD
OXNM22014-02-26 121.000190OXON HILL COOP
PENN42014-02-26 121.00062PENNSAUKEN,NJ
SSYM22014-02-26 141.000397BRIGHTON DAM COOP
UPMM22014-02-26 121.000157UPPER MARLBORO 3 NNW COOP
YHNP12014-02-26 121.000308YORK HAVEN,PA
5643S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.800407SILVER SPRING 7.4 N, MD
6550C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.800459COLUMBIA 2.6 NW, MD
6706B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.60033SEAFORD 0.7 SW, DE
1950V_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500518ELLICOTT CITY 3.7 SSE, MD
2057C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500236LAUREL 2.7 E, MD
2065C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.50039MARLTON 6.0 E, MD
2092C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500315ELKRIDGE 1.8 W, MD
2104C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500430NORBECK 1.0 SE, MD
2173C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500125CHARLOTTE HALL 3.6 ENE, MD
2558V_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500354SILVER SPRING 4.7 NNW, MD
2566C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500387HERNDON 3.3 S, VA
2615C_MADIS2014-02-26 090.500112WOODBRIDGE 0.5 SSW, VA
2961C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500814MOUNT AIRY 0.2 SE, MD
3064C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.50062FRANCONIA 1.3 SSE, VA
3616H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500515RIXEYVILLE 6.1 N, VA
5184C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500184GREENBELT 1.0 N, MD
5616S_MADIS2014-02-26 130.50049PASADENA 2.6 ESE, MD
5641S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500394COLUMBIA 2.3 N, MD
5648S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500407BALTIMORE 6.2 NNW, MD
6105S_MADIS2014-02-26 130.50016WILDWOOD CREST 0.1 WSW, NJ
6934C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500430BEL AIR 1.7 W, MD
8155O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500131WASHINGTON TWP 1.7 WSW, NJ
9244B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500128BOWIE 3.9 S, MD
9441A_MADIS2014-02-26 120.500282NORTH LAUREL 1.5 ESE, MD
9450A_MADIS2014-02-26 100.500433ROSSMOOR 1.3 ESE, MD
1359B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.400407GAITHERSBURG 2.5 SW, MD
1258V_MADIS2014-02-26 120.30062ALEXANDRIA 5.6 SSW, VA
1437B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.300417COLUMBIA 1.0 E, MD
3278V_MADIS2014-02-26 090.300256SILVER SPRING 5.7 NW, MD
6869C_MADIS2014-02-26 110.3003DEALE 1.8 ENE, MD
6493B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.200289ELKRIDGE 2.6 SW, MD
6789H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.200112NEWARK 3.9 SSW, DE
9100H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.20066NEWPORT 2.4 WNW, DE
7303O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.10089PARK HALL 0.2 SW, MD
8050B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.100207NOKESVILLE 4.0 S, VA
0863B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.010157BRYANS ROAD MD 2 ESE, MD
0493V_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001108HUNTINGTOWN 2.9 NNW, MD
0508H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001131PITMAN 0.1 W, NJ
0523H_MADIS2014-02-26 130.00195PRINCETON TWP 2.2 SSE, NJ
0999B_MADIS2014-02-26 110.00136LONG BRANCH 0.5 W, NJ
1412B_MADIS2014-02-26 100.001384NEW MARKET 2.6 NNW, MD
1752O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001213KINGSVILLE 1.2 E, MD
1971O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001203ODENTON 0.8 WSW, MD
1980H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001272KULPSVILLE 2.6 SSW, PA
2106C_MADIS2014-02-27 050.001394GAITHERSBURG 2 WNW, MD
2170C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00179RIDGE 1.0 N, MD
2597C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001459WARRENTON 6.1 S, VA
2746B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001318WALKERSVILLE 1.0 E, MD
2956C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001141PRINCE FREDERICK 1.4 W, MD
3278O_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001318DURHAM COUNTY, NC
3306V_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001495FALLS CHURCH 1.6 W, VA
3439V_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00162FREDERICKSBURG 7.6 ESE, VA
3487B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00139ESTELL MANOR 5.2 NE, NJ
3655H_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001682ROUND HILL 2.7 WSW, VA
3682H_MADIS2014-02-26 130.00152MONTROSS 5.2 ESE, VA
5620S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.0017DEALE 0.9 SE, MD
6082S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00169EGG HARBOR TWP 1.3 NW, NJ
6089S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00143BURLINGTON 1.7 E, NJ
6101S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00179MERCHANTVILLE 0.5 ESE, NJ
6107S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00195UPPER DEERFIELD TWP 1.7 SW, NJ
6116S_MADIS2014-02-26 110.001125LAWRENCE TWP 1.8 SSW, NJ
7613H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00152DELMAR 4.3 E, DE
8111S_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001128TABERNACLE TWP 5.0 WNW, NJ
8468B_MADIS2014-02-26 110.00123COLLINGSWOOD 0.7 NE, NJ
8881S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00146PERQUIMANS COUNTY, NC
9379A_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00162PASADENA 0.7 SE, MD
9402A_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00149GREENSBORO 1.4 ENE, MD
APG2014-02-26 120.00130PHILLIPS AAF
CPMN42014-02-27 050.001202MI.NW CAPE MAY,NJ
CRVV22014-02-26 130.001866CHARLOTTESVILLE 2W COOP
DMAM22014-02-27 030.001696DAMASCUS 3 SSW COOP
ESMN42014-02-26 130.00139ESTELL MANOR,NJ
EWR2014-02-26 120.00156NEWARK INTL AIRPORT
HGTN42014-02-26 120.0011022MI.W HIGHTSTOWN,NJ
MECM22014-02-26 120.001128MECHANICSVILLE 5 NE COOP
MSQN42014-02-26 120.00130MANASQUAN
MWXV22014-02-26 130.0011729MOUNT WEATHER COOP
OAKP12014-02-27 050.0011571MI.E OAKFORD,PA
PFIP12014-02-26 140.001102FRANKLIN INSTITUTE
SMDN42014-02-26 120.001524MI.SW SOMERDALE,NJ
SOMV22014-02-26 130.001446SOMERSET COOP
STVM22014-02-26 120.0017STEVENSVILLE
WILD12014-02-27 050.0011442MI.NE WILMINGTON,DE
0499H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000138WINSLOW TWP 3.5 W, NJ
0538H_MADIS2014-02-26 220.00056BELMAR 1.5 W, NJ
0559H_MADIS2014-02-26 100.00010BERKELEY TWP 4.9 SE, NJ
0635O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000486GORDONSVILLE 10.4 S, VA
1003H_MADIS2014-02-26 110.00062LELAND 5.7 WSW, NC
1071H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000400YOUNGSVILLE 4.1 SE, NC
1099H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000341LILLINGTON 2.0 W, NC
1220H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000387RALEIGH 10.3 N, NC
1881R_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00016NORFOLK (CITY) COUNTY, VA
3286O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.0001001HIDDEN SPRINGS, SC
3701B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000394LITTLETON 0.3 NNW, NC
3811O_MADIS2014-02-26 110.000384COLUMBIA 6.7 N, SC
4071V_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0001020LILBURN 2.6 SSE, GA
4479C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00023POINT PLEASANT BEACH 0.5 SW, NJ
4762O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000148HOWELL TWP 2.5 W, NJ
5576C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000305FREDERICK 3.5 SSW, MD
6090S_MADIS2014-02-26 110.00046MOUNT LAUREL TWP 2.5 ENE, NJ
6404S_MADIS2014-02-26 110.000906COLUMBUS 7.3 ESE, NC
6918S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000958GREENVILLE 5.4 WNW, SC
7113O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000102FRANKLIN TWP 2.7 W, NJ
7428C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.00039PORTSMOUTH 4.1 SSE, VA
8367O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000312GLEN ALLEN 4.6 W, VA
8488O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000292LEXINGTON 2.9 NE, SC
ALBV22014-02-26 130.0003905MI.N ALBERTA,VA
APXV22014-02-26 120.000846APPOMATTOX
ASHV22014-02-26 230.000240ASHLAND,VA
BATS12014-02-26 130.000650WATER FILTER PLANT
BOSV22014-02-26 120.000568BOSTON 4 SE COOP
BREV22014-02-26 120.000276BREMO BLUFF,VA
BRKV22014-02-26 120.000413BROOKNEAL
BSPS12014-02-26 140.000210BISHOPVILLE,SC
BUKV22014-02-26 120.000600BUCKINGHAM
CCDN72014-02-26 130.000715CONCORD
CHMV22014-02-26 120.000630CHATHAM
CHRV22014-02-26 120.000561CHARLOTTE COURT HOUSE
CLAV22014-02-26 120.000367CLARKSVILLE,VA
CLSS12014-02-26 230.000545SANTUCK
CRZV22014-02-26 110.000305CROZIER,VA
CTFS12014-02-26 150.0002033MI.SW CHESTERFIELD,SC
DANG12014-02-26 120.000869DANIELSVILLE
DNBN72014-02-26 120.000876DANBURY
DYLP12014-02-26 110.000318DOYLESTOWN,PA
EDEN72014-02-26 110.000512EDEN
EMMM22014-02-26 110.000410EMMITSBURG 2 SE COOP
ERLV22014-02-26 110.000564EARLYSVILLE
GBYV22014-02-26 140.0005222MI.N GREEN BAY,VA
HMTN42014-02-26 130.00066HAMMONTON,NJ
HPTN72014-02-26 220.0008732MI.ENE HIGH POINT,NC
HUDV22014-02-26 120.000896HUDDLESTON 4 SW
KCIV22014-02-27 060.000282STERLING RCS COOP
KIGN72014-02-26 120.0001102KING
LAUN72014-02-26 130.000233WATER PLANT
LIMS12014-02-26 140.000610LITTLE MOUNTAIN,SC
LNTS12014-02-26 130.000541LONGTOWN
MCCS12014-02-26 120.000548MCCORMICK
MLTN42014-02-26 110.00049MOUNT LAUREL NJ
NFKV22014-02-27 050.00033NORFOLK,VA
PBGV22014-02-26 120.00016PETERSBURG,VA
PHIN42014-02-26 120.00049MOUNT HOLLY NWS
RAFN72014-02-26 120.000266RAEFORD,NC
RDVN72014-02-26 120.000823REIDSVILLE 2 NW
RGLN42014-02-26 120.000148RIEGELSVILLE,NJ
SBYN72014-02-27 000.000679SALISBURY
SOBV22014-02-26 120.000325SOUTH BOSTON
STOV22014-02-26 130.000791MI.E STONY CREEK,VA
SUFV22014-02-27 050.000691MI.W SUFFOLK,VA
TVRS12014-02-26 120.0001066TRAVELERS REST 2 NE
VALN72014-02-26 120.0001007VALE AG 2 SW
WKFV22014-02-27 050.000164NWS OFFFICE
WLMN72014-02-26 120.00023WILMINGTON 7 SE
WRIN42014-02-26 120.000135WRIGHTSVILLE NJ
WSHG12014-02-26 120.0006332MI.ESE WASHINGTON,GA
YAVN72014-02-26 130.000610YANCEYVILLE 4 SE
YKNN72014-02-26 120.000850YADKINVILLE 6 E
Data last summarized at March 01 2014 21:09:12 UTC.

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