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Eastern Coastal Snow Depth Observations
from 2013-12-14 07:00 UTC to 2013-12-15 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
MLLM22013-12-14 2317.780262MILLERS 4 NE COOP
NPKP12013-12-14 2317.780236NEW PARK,PA
7136B_MADIS2013-12-15 0016.51040MONTGOMERY TWP 2.9 SW, NJ
9392A_MADIS2013-12-14 1316.510146JACKSONVILLE 1.5 NE, MD
1412B_MADIS2013-12-14 1215.240117NEW MARKET 2.6 NNW, MD
6934C_MADIS2013-12-14 1215.240131BEL AIR 1.7 W, MD
C6888_MADIS2013-12-15 0614.986227CW6888 WHITE HALL
7847O_MADIS2013-12-15 0513.97076FURLONG 0.7 SW, PA
3202C_MADIS2013-12-14 1211.430144LONG GREEN 0.6 SW, MD
6789H_MADIS2013-12-14 1211.43034NEWARK 3.9 SSW, DE
0580O_MADIS2013-12-14 1410.16093LONG HILL TWP 1.8 WSW, NJ
0715V_MADIS2013-12-15 0010.160222REISTERSTOWN 1.2 NW, MD
2907B_MADIS2013-12-14 1310.16045NEWARK 1.5 S, DE
3655H_MADIS2013-12-14 1410.160208ROUND HILL 2.7 WSW, VA
3690O_MADIS2013-12-14 1310.160289BETHLEHEM TWP 0.6 S, NJ
4542B_MADIS2013-12-14 1310.160120SALUNGA-LANDISVILLE 1.1 SSE, PA
4825H_MADIS2013-12-14 1310.160146MARRIOTTSVILLE 0.6 SE, MD
6788H_MADIS2013-12-14 1210.160111NEWARK 5.3 N, DE
DMAM22013-12-14 1210.160212DAMASCUS 3 SSW COOP
NHDP12013-12-15 0510.1601832MI.SE NEW HOLLAND,PA
UNNP12013-12-14 1310.160171HANOVER
WCHP12013-12-14 1310.160101WEST CHESTER 2 NW
5576C_MADIS2013-12-14 128.89093FREDERICK 3.5 SSW, MD
0499H_MADIS2013-12-14 127.62042WINSLOW TWP 3.5 W, NJ
0517H_MADIS2013-12-14 127.620237HOLLAND TWP 2.6 NNE, NJ
1980H_MADIS2013-12-14 127.62083KULPSVILLE 2.6 SSW, PA
5587B_MADIS2013-12-14 127.62083WEST AMWELL TWP 3.2 E, NJ
5648S_MADIS2013-12-14 127.620124BALTIMORE 6.2 NNW, MD
5678C_MADIS2013-12-14 127.620207LANCASTER COUNTY, PA
5839C_MADIS2013-12-14 147.620127POTTSTOWN 2.0 NNE, PA
6128S_MADIS2013-12-14 137.620253ROCKAWAY TWP 0.7 NE, NJ
6281B_MADIS2013-12-14 127.62051EWING TWP 0.9 NNE, NJ
6588B_MADIS2013-12-14 127.620169GETTYSBURG 2.6 NNW, PA
8155O_MADIS2013-12-14 127.62040WASHINGTON TWP 1.7 WSW, NJ
9437A_MADIS2013-12-14 127.620125KINGSVILLE 2.5 NNE, MD
EWR2013-12-15 007.62017NEWARK INTL AIRPORT
EXTP12013-12-14 147.6209EXTON
LEBP12013-12-15 057.6201422MI.W LEBANON,PA
MWXV22013-12-14 127.620527MOUNT WEATHER COOP
PFIP12013-12-14 147.62031FRANKLIN INSTITUTE
RGLN42013-12-14 127.62045RIEGELSVILLE,NJ
SAHP12013-12-14 137.62066SAFE HARBOR DAM
SPRP12013-12-14 127.620235SPRINGTOWN,PA
1762B_MADIS2013-12-14 126.858158MOUNT WOLF 1.0 SE, PA
4340B_MADIS2013-12-14 136.604168MENDHAM TWP 0.5 ESE, NJ
0567H_MADIS2013-12-14 126.35032BRIDGEWATER TWP 3.3 NW, NJ
0675S_MADIS2013-12-14 116.350202LEBANON 2.8 N, NJ
1405B_MADIS2013-12-14 136.35069FLORHAM PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
1464O_MADIS2013-12-14 136.350228RANDOLPH TWP 2.0 E, NJ
1779V_MADIS2013-12-14 136.350105CHADDS FORD 3.1 SW, PA
1923H_MADIS2013-12-14 126.350104WEST CHESTER 2.4 SSE, PA
2599C_MADIS2013-12-14 136.350130WARRENTON 5.5 SSE, VA
5458B_MADIS2013-12-14 126.350141RESTON 1.8 SSW, VA
5617B_MADIS2013-12-14 126.35093FRENCHTOWN 0.5 N, NJ
6843S_MADIS2013-12-14 146.350113DOYLESTOWN 3.7 W, PA
7204B_MADIS2013-12-14 126.350238MANSFIELD TWP 3.1 ESE, NJ
9663O_MADIS2013-12-14 126.350133NOTTINGHAM 1.5 SW, PA
0488H_MADIS2013-12-14 135.080152OAKLAND 0.9 SSE, NJ
0493H_MADIS2013-12-14 135.08025MOORESTOWN TWP 0.6 SE, NJ
0514H_MADIS2013-12-14 125.08063READINGTON TWP 2.0 WSW, NJ
0528H_MADIS2013-12-14 145.08064SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP 3.1 NW, NJ
0571H_MADIS2013-12-14 135.08028FRANKLIN TWP 3.8 ENE, NJ
0579H_MADIS2013-12-14 125.080172HACKETTSTOWN 0.8 W, NJ
1638R_MADIS2013-12-14 115.08030FRANKLIN TWP 3.1 NE, NJ
2566C_MADIS2013-12-14 125.080118HERNDON 3.3 S, VA
3103B_MADIS2013-12-14 125.08020FRANKLIN TWP 4.6 NNW, NJ
3622H_MADIS2013-12-14 125.080119VIENNA 3.3 N, VA
4455H_MADIS2013-12-14 115.080320MORRIS COUNTY, NJ
5628S_MADIS2013-12-14 135.080164BALDWIN 2.7 WNW, MD
6112S_MADIS2013-12-14 135.080180CALIFON 0.6 NW, NJ
6114S_MADIS2013-12-14 105.08056LAWRENCE TWP 1.0 NNW, NJ
6117S_MADIS2013-12-14 125.08033NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP 1.5 W, NJ
6146S_MADIS2013-12-14 125.08033HILLSBOROUGH TWP 4.7 ESE, NJ
6586B_MADIS2013-12-14 125.080181ABBOTTSTOWN 1.1 SSE, PA
6783C_MADIS2013-12-14 125.080141ABBOTTSTOWN 2.4 N, PA
7113O_MADIS2013-12-14 125.08031FRANKLIN TWP 2.7 W, NJ
7142B_MADIS2013-12-14 125.080163WEST GROVE 2.6 W, PA
7557S_MADIS2013-12-14 135.080120VIENNA 1.3 W, VA
8111S_MADIS2013-12-14 135.08039TABERNACLE TWP 5.0 WNW, NJ
9399B_MADIS2013-12-14 125.080115OAKTON 0.4 E, VA
DYLP12013-12-14 115.08097DOYLESTOWN,PA
GNMP12013-12-14 125.080150GLENMOORE,PA
HLTP12013-12-14 125.080122HOLTWOOD,PA
LCRP12013-12-14 125.080942MI.ENE LANCASTER,PA
MGNP12013-12-14 125.080182MORGANTOWN
OAKP12013-12-15 055.080481MI.E OAKFORD,PA
PTTN42013-12-14 125.0801632MI.NNW POTTERSVILLE,NJ
SMDN42013-12-14 125.080164MI.SW SOMERDALE,NJ
WARV22013-12-14 135.080154WARRENTON 3SE COOP
WRTN42013-12-14 125.08058WERTSVILLE,NJ
6148S_MADIS2013-12-14 114.06437FRANKLIN TWP 2.1 ENE, NJ
6149S_MADIS2013-12-14 144.06440HILLSBOROUGH TWP 1.0 N, NJ
0508H_MADIS2013-12-14 123.81040PITMAN 0.1 W, NJ
1752O_MADIS2013-12-14 123.81065KINGSVILLE 1.2 E, MD
2425B_MADIS2013-12-14 123.810100LIMERICK 1.1 W, PA
2548O_MADIS2013-12-14 133.810193BROAD RUN 2.8 SSW, VA
2597C_MADIS2013-12-14 123.810140WARRENTON 6.1 S, VA
3616H_MADIS2013-12-14 133.810157RIXEYVILLE 6.1 N, VA
6089S_MADIS2013-12-14 123.81013BURLINGTON 1.7 E, NJ
6107S_MADIS2013-12-14 123.81029UPPER DEERFIELD TWP 1.7 SW, NJ
6153S_MADIS2013-12-14 123.810211ANDOVER TWP 1.7 W, NJ
6437H_MADIS2013-12-14 133.810155DAUPHIN COUNTY, PA
6840S_MADIS2013-12-14 133.810108OLEY 1.9 E, PA
9442A_MADIS2013-12-14 133.810115CLARKSVILLE 1.0 SE, MD
9869H_MADIS2013-12-14 133.810124NEW PROVIDENCE 0.8 ESE, NJ
3695O_MADIS2013-12-14 133.302323HARDYSTON TWP 3.2 SE, NJ
0522H_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54029HAMILTON TWP 2.3 NE, NJ
0523H_MADIS2013-12-14 132.54029PRINCETON TWP 2.2 SSE, NJ
0542H_MADIS2013-12-14 132.540218ROCKAWAY 0.4 NNW, NJ
0577H_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540123GREENWICH TWP 1.6 S, NJ
1862H_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540191YORK SPRINGS 0.7 SE, PA
2104C_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540131NORBECK 1.0 SE, MD
2106C_MADIS2013-12-15 052.540120GAITHERSBURG 2 WNW, MD
2116C_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540112COLESVILLE 1.7 W, MD
2121C_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540103WHITE OAK 1.2 N, MD
2492C_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54097WEST LAWN 0.9 SSE, PA
2558V_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540108SILVER SPRING 4.7 NNW, MD
2564C_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540149RIXEYVILLE 2.5 N, VA
2600C_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54093REMINGTON 4.0 ENE, VA
3167C_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54076TAKOMA PARK 0.6 NNW, MD
5641S_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540120COLUMBIA 2.3 N, MD
6014H_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54062LITTLE FALLS TWP 0.5 WNW, NJ
6087S_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54076OAKLAND 0.2 WNW, NJ
6139S_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54020HAWTHORNE 1.0 SSE, NJ
6724O_MADIS2013-12-14 132.540120TOWSON 0.8 SW, MD
7152B_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54035DEERFIELD TWP 3.7 SW, NJ
8468B_MADIS2013-12-14 112.5407COLLINGSWOOD 0.7 NE, NJ
8870O_MADIS2013-12-14 122.54028GLEN ROCK 0.7 SSE, NJ
9450A_MADIS2013-12-14 122.540132ROSSMOOR 1.3 ESE, MD
9925O_MADIS2013-12-14 112.540149WASHINGTON 0.6 ENE, NJ
APG2013-12-14 122.5409PHILLIPS AAF
BOON42013-12-14 122.54093BELOW RESERVOIR
DNLV22013-12-14 122.540125VIENNA COOP
FLMN42013-12-14 132.540303MI.E FLEMINGTON,NJ
GRLP12013-12-14 142.540146GREEN LANE,PA
HMTN42013-12-14 132.54020HAMMONTON,NJ
HWDV22013-12-14 132.540198HAYWOOD
KCIV22013-12-15 062.54086STERLING RCS COOP
MLTN42013-12-14 122.54015MOUNT LAUREL NJ
NBRN42013-12-14 132.540283MI.SE NEW BRUNSWICK,NJ
PHIN42013-12-14 122.54015MOUNT HOLLY NWS
SUXN42013-12-14 132.5401201MI.SE SUSSEX,NJ
6854S_MADIS2013-12-14 121.524161PALMYRA 2.9 SSE, PA
0573H_MADIS2013-12-14 131.270196WANTAGE TWP 2.4 SW, NJ
1917B_MADIS2013-12-14 111.270169BLAIRSTOWN TWP 1.8 W, NJ
2057C_MADIS2013-12-14 121.27072LAUREL 2.7 E, MD
2615C_MADIS2013-12-14 101.27034WOODBRIDGE 0.5 SSW, VA
3306V_MADIS2013-12-14 121.270151FALLS CHURCH 1.6 W, VA
4893B_MADIS2013-12-14 121.2709WOODBRIDGE TWP 1.1 ESE, NJ
6020H_MADIS2013-12-14 111.270170WANTAGE TWP 1.5 SE, NJ
7085B_MADIS2013-12-14 131.270144OLNEY 1.4 ENE, MD
7558S_MADIS2013-12-14 121.27096MCLEAN 1.5 S, VA
9148H_MADIS2013-12-14 121.27080LEBANON 3.2 SW, NJ
9149H_MADIS2013-12-14 121.27018FAIR HAVEN 0.4 E, NJ
9379A_MADIS2013-12-14 121.27019PASADENA 0.7 SE, MD
0482H_MADIS2013-12-14 120.50812LINWOOD 0.7 SSW, NJ
5557B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.50873MAPLEWOOD TWP 0.9 SE, NJ
8375B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.508191MADISON 6.9 NNW, VA
BELN42013-12-14 120.00380BRIDGE
CRVV22013-12-14 130.003264CHARLOTTESVILLE 2W COOP
ESMN42013-12-14 130.00312ESTELL MANOR,NJ
HSNN42013-12-14 120.00320.2 MI E OF HARRISON P.O. PASSIAC RVR
OXNM22013-12-14 120.00358OXON HILL COOP
SOMV22013-12-14 130.003136SOMERSET COOP
WRIN42013-12-14 120.00341WRIGHTSVILLE NJ
YHNP12013-12-14 120.00394YORK HAVEN,PA
0484H_MADIS2013-12-14 110.00218SADDLE BROOK TWP 0.6 E, NJ
0504H_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00214UPPER TWP 0.4 SSW, NJ
0511H_MADIS2013-12-14 120.0026HARRISON 0.3 N, NJ
2138C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00241BOWIE 0.5 E, MD
2140C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00255OXON HILL 1.1 W, MD
2161C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00239FOREST HEIGHTS 1.6 SE, MD
2954C_MADIS2013-12-14 130.00230SOUTH GATE 3.0 SSW, MD
2956C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00243PRINCE FREDERICK 1.4 W, MD
3064C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00219FRANCONIA 1.3 SSE, VA
3274O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00216RED BANK 1.3 NW, NJ
3487B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00212ESTELL MANOR 5.2 NE, NJ
5616S_MADIS2013-12-14 130.00215PASADENA 2.6 ESE, MD
6082S_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00221EGG HARBOR TWP 1.3 NW, NJ
6116S_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00238LAWRENCE TWP 1.8 SSW, NJ
6493B_MADIS2013-12-14 110.00288ELKRIDGE 2.6 SW, MD
6610C_MADIS2013-12-14 130.002157RUCKERSVILLE 5.3 SE, VA
8250S_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00214RUMSON 0.7 NNE, NJ
8871O_MADIS2013-12-14 130.00220PALISADES PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
0538H_MADIS2013-12-15 020.00017BELMAR 1.5 W, NJ
0559H_MADIS2013-12-14 100.0003BERKELEY TWP 4.9 SE, NJ
0635O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000148GORDONSVILLE 10.4 S, VA
1003H_MADIS2013-12-14 130.00019LELAND 5.7 WSW, NC
1058B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00029GREENVILLE 4.6 W, NC
1071H_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000122YOUNGSVILLE 4.1 SE, NC
1220H_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000118RALEIGH 10.3 N, NC
1242H_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00085RALEIGH 5.7 ENE, NC
1304V_MADIS2013-12-14 110.00048PRINCETON 1.6 WSW, NC
1568B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.0003ORIENTAL 4.3 NNW, NC
1579V_MADIS2013-12-14 150.000257CLEMSON 0.8 NE, SC
1782B_MADIS2013-12-14 130.000141CARY 0.5 NW, NC
1821B_MADIS2013-12-14 130.00042MILLSTONE TWP 2.9 WNW, NJ
1881R_MADIS2013-12-14 120.0005NORFOLK (CITY) COUNTY, VA
2024B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00041SEVERN 1.5 SSW, MD
2145C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00081CAMP SPRINGS 0.1 ESE, MD
3286O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000305HIDDEN SPRINGS, SC
3368O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000114LEXINGTON 1.6 WNW, SC
3525B_MADIS2013-12-14 130.000198RICHFIELD 0.2 SSW, NC
3701B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000120LITTLETON 0.3 NNW, NC
3811O_MADIS2013-12-14 110.000117COLUMBIA 6.7 N, SC
4197B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000122RALEIGH 2.7 NNE, NC
4479C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.0007POINT PLEASANT BEACH 0.5 SW, NJ
4773O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00024WINTERVILLE 3.5 W, NC
5122B_MADIS2013-12-14 100.0008MERRY HILL 3.8 E, NC
5565B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00088ZEBULON 5.3 N, NC
5671B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000174EAST STROUDSBURG 6.5 NE, PA
6015H_MADIS2013-12-14 140.00033HILLSBOROUGH TWP 0.4 ENE, NJ
6090S_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00014MOUNT LAUREL TWP 2.5 ENE, NJ
6160B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000224MOCKSVILLE 4.6 SE, NC
6404S_MADIS2013-12-14 110.000276COLUMBUS 7.3 ESE, NC
6706B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00010SEAFORD 0.7 SW, DE
6918S_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000292GREENVILLE 5.4 WNW, SC
7257B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00018TOMS RIVER TWP 3.4 WSW, NJ
7427O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000253BROWNS SUMMIT 3.2 NW, NC
7428C_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00012PORTSMOUTH 4.1 SSE, VA
7834B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000163HARRISBURG 7.0 E, PA
7852S_MADIS2013-12-14 120.0006OCEAN 0.5 S, NC
8291O_MADIS2013-12-14 130.000240COMER 4.6 NW, GA
8367O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00095GLEN ALLEN 4.6 W, VA
8368O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00024CARRSVILLE 0.6 SW, VA
8488O_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00089LEXINGTON 2.9 NE, SC
9229B_MADIS2013-12-14 130.0009EMERALD ISLE 0.5 E, NC
9295B_MADIS2013-12-14 120.000144SALUDA 0.6 NNE, SC
9460S_MADIS2013-12-14 120.00051HOPE MILLS 6.3 SE, NC
9498S_MADIS2013-12-14 110.00045FLORENCE 5.8 W, SC
9763B_MADIS2013-12-14 140.000134DURHAM 4.4 NNW, NC
ALBV22013-12-14 130.0001195MI.N ALBERTA,VA
APXV22013-12-14 120.000258APPOMATTOX
ASHV22013-12-14 230.00073ASHLAND,VA
BOSV22013-12-14 150.000173BOSTON 4 SE COOP
BREV22013-12-14 110.00084BREMO BLUFF,VA
BRKV22013-12-14 130.000126BROOKNEAL
BUKV22013-12-14 120.000183BUCKINGHAM
CCDN72013-12-14 130.000218CONCORD
CHMV22013-12-14 120.000192CHATHAM
CHRV22013-12-14 120.000171CHARLOTTE COURT HOUSE
CLAV22013-12-14 120.000112CLARKSVILLE,VA
CNWS12013-12-14 120.00013CONWAY
CPMN42013-12-15 050.00062MI.NW CAPE MAY,NJ
CRZV22013-12-14 110.00093CROZIER,VA
CTFS12013-12-14 130.000623MI.SW CHESTERFIELD,SC
DANG12013-12-14 120.000265DANIELSVILLE
ELZN72013-12-14 130.00033ELIZABETHTOWN 3 SW
HDNN72013-12-14 130.0001102MI.NNW HENDERSON,NC
HPTN72013-12-14 220.0002662MI.ENE HIGH POINT,NC
HUDV22013-12-14 120.000273HUDDLESTON 4 SW
KIGN72013-12-14 120.000336KING
LAUN72013-12-14 130.00071WATER PLANT
MILP12013-12-14 120.00096MILLERSVILLE
MSQN42013-12-14 120.0009MANASQUAN
MTON72013-12-14 130.00048MOUNT OLIVE 6SE
PBGV22013-12-14 120.0005PETERSBURG,VA
RAFN72013-12-14 120.00081RAEFORD,NC
RAPN72013-12-14 120.00034ROANOKE RAPIDS,NC
SOBV22013-12-14 120.00099SOUTH BOSTON
SRVP12013-12-14 120.000172SEWAGE PLANT OUTSIDE AND .25MI AT PA
SSYM22013-12-14 140.000121BRIGHTON DAM COOP
STOV22013-12-14 130.000241MI.E STONY CREEK,VA
STVM22013-12-14 150.0002STEVENSVILLE
SUFV22013-12-15 050.000211MI.W SUFFOLK,VA
VALN72013-12-14 120.000307VALE AG 2 SW
WARN72013-12-14 110.00045WARSAW 5 E
WKFV22013-12-15 050.00050NWS OFFFICE
WLMN72013-12-14 130.0007WILMINGTON 7 SE
WPTV22013-12-14 220.000112MI.SW WEST POINT,VA
WSHG12013-12-14 120.0001932MI.ESE WASHINGTON,GA
YKNN72013-12-14 120.000259YADKINVILLE 6 E
Data last summarized at December 18 2013 03:05:32 UTC.

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