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Central Rockies Snowfall Observations
from 2011-02-05 07:00 UTC to 2011-02-06 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
CKCM82011-02-06 018.700248189COOKE CITY - SILVER GATE
0521C_MADIS2011-02-05 146.400248320VAIL 2.6 E, CO
4762S_MADIS2011-02-05 156.000248507YAMPA 5.1 S, CO
7539O_MADIS2011-02-05 146.000248196VAIL 0.9 WNW, CO
CLXC22011-02-05 145.5002411601CLIMAX COOP
OCKC22011-02-05 235.500248219OAK CREEK
SBTC22011-02-05 145.200246716STEAMBOAT SPRINGS
0670C_MADIS2011-02-05 145.000248497KREMMLING 7.8 WNW, CO
9631O_MADIS2011-02-05 155.000245699MCLEOD 19.6 SSW, MT
MSKC22011-02-05 145.0002411142MONARCH SKI AREA
0653C_MADIS2011-02-05 144.900249006KREMMLING 10.9 NW, CO
9820O_MADIS2011-02-05 144.800249167SILVERTHORNE 1.2 NW, CO
2568O_MADIS2011-02-05 144.500249065SILVERTHORNE 1.4 SE, CO
1623C_MADIS2011-02-05 144.000248071ASPEN 1.7 WSW, CO
1709C_MADIS2011-02-05 143.700249091DILLON 0.6 WNW, CO
1622C_MADIS2011-02-05 143.600247520SNOWMASS 7.0 W, CO
1056C_MADIS2011-02-05 153.500247785HHR, CO
1718C_MADIS2011-02-05 143.500249091DILLON 2.3 SE, CO
7723S_MADIS2011-02-05 163.500246555LANDER 34.1 SE, WY
ATAU12011-02-06 013.500248684ALTA
2133S_MADIS2011-02-05 143.000248648KREMMLING 10.0 NW, CO
3306S_MADIS2011-02-05 143.000245105RED LODGE 5.1 N, MT
4719O_MADIS2011-02-05 143.000248730WALDEN 16.3 WSW, CO
6779A_MADIS2011-02-05 143.000248350FORT GARLAND 5.8 ESE, CO
7603H_MADIS2011-02-05 073.000247713ESTES PARK 1.6 WNW, CO
HAYC22011-02-05 143.000246476HAYDEN COOP
HEBU12011-02-06 003.000245600HEBER
1674R_MADIS2011-02-05 152.800246955ROUTT COUNTY, CO
1684C_MADIS2011-02-05 142.500247139STEAMBOAT SPRINGS 1.1 E, CO
4708S_MADIS2011-02-05 162.500246385CARBONDALE 5.0 E, CO
0658C_MADIS2011-02-05 142.200248753TABERNASH 1.9 W, CO
0186C_MADIS2011-02-05 142.100248356NEDERLAND .5 WNW, CO
4765S_MADIS2011-02-05 142.100249514BRECKENRIDGE 0.7 W, CO
9530O_MADIS2011-02-05 142.100247904PARSHALL 3.0 NNW, CO
WTPC22011-02-05 154.000489121WINTER PARK
0618C_MADIS2011-02-05 142.000245869GLENWOOD SPRINGS 1.4 S, CO
0638C_MADIS2011-02-05 142.000248320CATTLE CREEK 5.1 NE, CO
0686C_MADIS2011-02-05 142.000249554CRESTED BUTTE 6.2 N, CO
1048C_MADIS2011-02-05 152.000249505RUS 9 SSW, CO
2427O_MADIS2011-02-05 142.0002410174LEADVILLE 0.5 N, CO
4729S_MADIS2011-02-05 142.000247090LIVERMORE 9.2 W, CO
4746C_MADIS2011-02-05 172.000246650JACKSON 12.3 NE, WY
6783H_MADIS2011-02-05 162.000249951LAKE COUNTY, CO
6851A_MADIS2011-02-05 142.000246545CARBONDALE 4.6 NNE, CO
0665C_MADIS2011-02-05 141.900247972GRANBY .33 WNW, CO
4221H_MADIS2011-02-05 151.800246335TETON VILLAGE 1.6 SW, WY
RYEC22011-02-06 031.800247139RYE 1 SW
AVNC22011-02-05 141.700248458AVON 2N
0642C_MADIS2011-02-05 141.600245965GLENWOOD SPRINGS 1.7 NW, CO
0514C_MADIS2011-02-05 131.500247119BASALT 5.8 E, CO
1062C_MADIS2011-02-05 151.500247224VDL 7 ENE, CO
1548C_MADIS2011-02-05 141.5002410620ALMA 3.1 N, CO
1710C_MADIS2011-02-05 141.500248993SILVERTHORNE 7.4 NW, CO
1731C_MADIS2011-02-05 141.500248133SILVERTHORNE 21 NW, CO
7434C_MADIS2011-02-05 151.500246220JACKSON 5.3 NW, WY
MOOW42011-02-05 151.500246450MOOSE - COOP
9258C_MADIS2011-02-05 131.400246191CARBONDALE 0.5 W, CO
RIW2011-02-05 121.400245446RIVERTON ASOS
2627C_MADIS2011-02-05 141.200247162LARAMIE 0.8 NNE, WY
1556C_MADIS2011-02-05 141.0002410400FAIRPLAY 2.7 WNW, CO
2655C_MADIS2011-02-05 151.000247218ROCK RIVER 9.6 WSW, WY
4153H_MADIS2011-02-05 141.000247329LARAMIE 2.2 ENE, WY
7686H_MADIS2011-02-05 141.000247201LARAMIE 0.2 S, WY
BURW42011-02-05 141.000248054BURGESS JUNCTION
LKTU12011-02-06 011.000245988LAKETOWN
PLTU12011-02-05 151.000245299DEER CREEK DAM-9MI.SW-HEBER
4240S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.900245266MCLEOD 12.8 SW, MT
2651C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.800246565MEDICINE BOW 0.3 NE, WY
2652C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.800248386RAWLINS 1 NW, WY
2654C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.800247503ELK MOUNTAIN 2.1 S, WY
4152H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.800248061LARAMIE 27.3 WSW, WY
0515C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.600247251WOLCOTT 2.3 N, CO
6897A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.600249839LEADVILLE 2.7 NW, CO
CBUC22011-02-05 160.600248875CRESTED BUTTE COOP
4203H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.500245161CODY 5.0 ESE, WY
7719S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.500246611SINCLAIR 0.1 N, WY
9725O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.500246683CARBONDALE 8.2 S, CO
AMFU12011-02-06 010.500246765ALPINE
4846O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.400245131CODY 3.8 SE, WY
0212C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.300248425NEDERLAND 2.61 NNE, CO
0254O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.300245558PARK COUNTY, MT
SUNW42011-02-05 140.300246224SUNSHINE - COOP
DANW42011-02-05 150.200247343DANIEL FISH HATCHERY - COOP
1124C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.100247789STOVE PRAIRIE 2 WNW, CO
1155C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.100247940RED FEATHER 5.9 NE, CO
2673C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.100245299LANDER 1.7 N, WY
2832C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.100248783PINECLIFFE 3.1 ESE, CO
0179C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248409ALLENS PARK 1.5 ESE, CO
0199C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001247881NEDERLAND 5.8 E, CO
0232C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248435NEDERLAND 4.8 ENE, CO
0249C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001245423LYONS 0.3 NNE, CO
0287C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248570WARD 4.6 NE, CO
0310C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248491BUENA VISTA 8.9 NNW, CO
0569C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001246627COLORADO SPRINGS 5.7 WNW, CO
0790C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247927EVERGREEN 4.6 S, CO
0791C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248068KITTREDGE 2.5 SSE, CO
0805C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001247444ASPEN PARK 5.2 ESE, CO
0829C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001246089LITTLETON 8.2 WSW, CO
0840C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248153PINE 3.4 NNW, CO
0844C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001246949LITTLETON 10.2 WSW, CO
0881C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001248714GOLDEN 9.4 WNW, CO
0889C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248691ASPEN SPRINGS 4.9 ESE, CO
0997C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001245617MASONVILLE 3.4 NW, CO
1007C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247142BELLVUE 10.3 W, CO
1106C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247844ESTES PARK 0.6 SSE, CO
1117C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247723ESTES PARK 2.2 NE, CO
1120C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248097ESTES PARK 3.3 SSW, CO
1237C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001247028LOV 10.7 W, CO
1257C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001247822ESTES PARK 1 SSE, CO
1329C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001246742VIRGINIA DALE 7.2 SSW, CO
2748C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001245144CASPER 4.4 WSW, WY
2749C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001245299CASPER 11.7, WY
2793C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247041PINEDALE 13 SE, WY
3261S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.001247838ESTES PARK 2.2 S, CO
3707S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001244724CACHE COUNTY, UT
4202H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001244288POWELL 3.9 ENE, WY
4750C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001248284NEDERLAND 4.2 E, CO
4755S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001247119RIDGWAY 0.3 NE, CO
4847O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001245463WHEATLAND 20.0 SW, WY
5961S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001245591RED LODGE 2.7 NE, MT
6208C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001244859CODY 7.2 NNE, WY
6743A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248022RIVERSIDE 2.2 NE, CO
6826A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001246270COLORADO SPRINGS 3.5 SW, CO
6863A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248028PARLIN 2.7 ESE, CO
6962A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247966ESTES PARK 1.8 S, CO
7057A_MADIS2011-02-05 160.001249091VILLA GROVE 8.2 W, CO
BDGM82011-02-05 140.001243593BRIDGER 2N
BRSW42011-02-05 150.001246962BOULDER REARING STATION - COOP
FFBC22011-02-05 230.001248671FOSSIL BEDS
GBLW42011-02-05 150.001243871GREYBULL - COOP
JARU12011-02-05 140.001245479JARVIE RANCH
SHLW42011-02-05 130.001244308SHELL - COOP
0094H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244026ABSAROKEE 0.1 ENE, MT
0098H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244354BIG TIMBER 8.2 SSE, MT
0169C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245466BOULDER 1.4 NNW, CO
0191C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245541BOULDER 3.5 S, CO
0245C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246470LYONS 1.8 N, CO
0311C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248035BUENA VISTA 1.5 WNW, CO
0320C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248110SALIDA 9.1 NW, CO
0324C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248143NATHROP 3.3 WSW, CO
0325C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248402MAYSVILLE 2.2 NE, CO
0337C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248150EVERGREEN 6.5 WSW, CO
0338C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247740EVERGREEN 5 W, CO
0360C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248625WESTCLIFFE 6.1 W, CO
0577C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247625TEXAS CREEK 6.2 SE, CO
0591C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247484COTOPAXI 4.8 SSE, CO
0620H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248530ANGEL FIRE 0.2 SSE, NM
0729C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247306GENESEE 1 N, CO
0736C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247877CONIFER 4.2 ENE, CO
0741H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246506YOUNGSVILLE 5.4 NE, NM
0744C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245774GOLDEN 0.7 NW, CO
0749C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248025EVERGREEN 5.3 S, CO
0751C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248465CONIFER 3 SW, CO
0756C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247503GOLDEN 4.8 NW, CO
0767C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248373CONIFER 3.9 SE, CO
0771C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248199CONIFER 1.0 N, CO
0777H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247014SANTA FE 1.1 ENE, NM
0778H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247333SANTA FE 3.3 NE, NM
0799C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246827RALSTON BUTTES 1.1 NNW, CO
0802C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247995EVERGREEN 3.6 SSW, CO
0809C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247749EVERGREEN 4.2 SSE, CO
0836C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245850LITTLETON 6.4 W, CO
0846C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248527CONIFER 5.7 SW, CO
0850C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245778LITTLETON 6.0 WSW, CO
0862C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248061EVERGREEN 3.8 SW, CO
0902O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244498PERRY 0.6 S, UT
0989C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245614LYONS 4.8 N, CO
1072C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247287BLV 5.5 W, CO
1122C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247690LIVERMORE 12 SW, CO
1123C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247392LIVERMORE 10.5 WSW, CO
1250C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000245361BLV 4.0 NW, CO
1266C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246112LA PORTE 10.0 NNW, CO
1573C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248953LAKE GEORGE 7.2 WNW, CO
1579C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248868LAKE GEORGE 7.5 WSW, CO
1580C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000249406HARTSEL 11.6 SSE, CO
1672C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247657MONTEVISTA 2.7 SSE, CO
1677C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247651MONTE VISTA 2.4 E, CO
1688C_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000248031CRESTONE 1.2 SSE, CO
2214O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247218SANTA FE 10.4 SSE, NM
2235C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.0002410157ANGEL FIRE 10.2 SSE, NM
2403C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245745ALCALDE 3.8 NE, NM
2408C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246490ALCALDE 19 N, NM
2410C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245623ESPANOLA 1.1 SE, NM
2411C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246184ABIQUIU 7.5 WNW, NM
2412C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245886ALCALDE 14 NE, NM
2417C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246434ESPANOLA 5.5 WNW, NM
2452C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246444SANTA FE 7.7 WNW, NM
2470C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246929TAOS PUEBLO 8.9 WNW, NM
2565O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245745ROXBOROUGH PARK 2.0 N, CO
2608O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245144RED LODGE 4.7 NNE, MT
2687O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246834RANCHOS DE TAOS 2.4 W, NM
2734O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247185SALIDA 2.5 NW, CO
2739C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246975AFTON 12.2 S, WY
2771C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000245167CODY 2.4 WSW, WY
2772C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244485POWELL 4.2 SW, WY
3470H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244531PROVIDENCE 0.8 WNW, UT
3471H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244564LOGAN 0.5 ENE, UT
3480H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244469BOUNTIFUL 1.7 NE, UT
3512H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244596HOLLADAY 0.5 ESE, UT
3542H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244964EDEN 0.3 W, UT
3698O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247474LAS VEGAS 8.4 NW, NM
3709S_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000245089BOUNTIFUL 1.3 S, UT
4046C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247008DRAKE 5.3 WNW, CO
4197H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245164CASPER 0.5 N, WY
4200H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244413POWELL 0.9 W, WY
4204H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244439POWELL 1.5 SW, WY
4211H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246293ROCK SPRINGS 0.6 W, WY
4213H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246266ROCK SPRINGS 0.5 E, WY
4214H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246188GREEN RIVER 0.2 WSW, WY
4214S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000245797KEN CARYL 0.6 WSW, CO
4297S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247352PARK CITY 1.3 E, UT
4317S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246063LANDER 5.7 SW, WY
4687S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245581BOULDER 3.5 S, CO
4701S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246083COLORADO SPRINGS 1.1 NE, CO
4736S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246755LOVELAND 12.2 W, CO
4761S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247838DEL NORTE 3.3 E, CO
4914O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245427BOULDER 2.7 S, CO
5410C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245971GLENWOOD SPRINGS 2.1 NW, CO
5513H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245669CHAMITA 0.7 WSW, NM
5960S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245623RED LODGE 1.0 S, MT
5996S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244072ABSAROKEE 0.6 S, MT
6352C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245148NATRONA COUNTY, WY
6373H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246568FALCON ESTATES 2.4 WNW, CO
6406O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248061WESTCLIFFE 3.4 SW, CO
6511C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245528NATRONA COUNTY, WY
6524C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246112EL PASO COUNTY, CO
6658O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245266CASPER 9.7 WSW, WY
6682C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245407LANDER 0.9 W, WY
6706A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247579ALAMOSA 6.9 NW, CO
6712C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246726DRAKE 4.7 SSE, CO
6734O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246555LAS VEGAS 1.6 NNW, NM
6780A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248087WESTCLIFFE 2.7 SE, CO
6829A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246322COLORADO SPRINGS 2.7 WSW, CO
6833A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246457MANITOU SPRINGS 1.2 ESE, CO
6858H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245085MORGAN 0.8 SE, UT
6903A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246575DURANGO 7.1 N, CO
6910A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246667HERMOSA 2.8 E, CO
7041A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247956DEL NORTE 2.6 W, CO
7051C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246214COLORADO SPRINGS 2.1 NW, CO
7055A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248520SARGENTS 0.3 NE, CO
7066A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000248533CRIPPLE CREEK 5.1 NW, CO
7126O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244491CACHE COUNTY, UT
7158O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247710GUNNISON 0.3 SW, CO
7268C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247638CENTER 1.2 NE, CO
7448O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244797LOGAN 1.7 ESE, UT
7503O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244350BRIGHAM CITY 1.2 N, UT
7510O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245167COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS 1.5 SE, UT
7740S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245499CASPER 4.3 SW, WY
7799S_MADIS2011-02-05 120.000246079OJO CALIENTE 4.0 S, NM
7817S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244688OGDEN 2.0 NE, UT
7831S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000249472PARK COUNTY, CO
7865O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244360CENTERVILLE 0.8 NE, UT
7937O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247546ALAMOSA 1.2 NE, CO
9162O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247448CHAMISAL 1.0 ESE, NM
9535O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247116GLEN HAVEN 1.2 N, CO
9683O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245673VERNAL 3.7 WNW, UT
9948O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244521LOGAN 0.7 SW, UT
ALS2011-02-05 120.000247543SAN LUIS VALLEY REGIONAL
BLYW42011-02-05 150.000244967BILLY CREEK - COOP
BNVC22011-02-05 150.000247979BUENA VISTA,CO
CCRC22011-02-05 150.000248028COCHETOPA CRK COOP
DBOW42011-02-05 140.000246959DUBOIS - COOP
EGNN52011-02-05 140.000248261EAGLE NEST,NM
EPON52011-02-05 130.000245591ESPANOLA,NM
EVSW42011-02-06 010.000246867EVANSTON 1 E
GRNW42011-02-05 140.000246155GREEN RIVER - COOP
HUDW42011-02-05 140.000245295HUDSON - UCOOP
LNRW42011-02-05 140.000245328LANDER - COOP
PRSW42011-02-05 150.000245715POWDER RIVER SCHOOL - COOP
RIVW42011-02-05 140.000244957RIVERTON - COOP
WSAC22011-02-05 140.0002411345SKI AREA
Data last summarized at February 09 2011 01:09:22 UTC.

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