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Central Rockies Snowfall Observations
from 2008-12-17 07:00 UTC to 2008-12-18 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
8425O_MADIS2008-12-17 1322.000247851DEL NORTE 2.5 ENE, CO
SNBU12008-12-17 1313.000248668SNOWBIRD SKI RESORT
WSAC22008-12-17 1412.0002411345SKI AREA
MSKC22008-12-17 148.0002410791MONARCH SKI AREA
7633O_MADIS2008-12-17 145.700245056MOUNT OLYMPUS 0.5 SW, UT
0512C_MADIS2008-12-17 144.600247041GYPSUM 3.0 SE, CO
7539O_MADIS2008-12-17 144.500248196VAIL 0.9 WNW, CO
7655O_MADIS2008-12-17 144.500246483PARK CITY 5.5 NNE, UT
1539C_MADIS2008-12-17 143.500247740OURAY .23 NNW, CO
AVNC22008-12-17 183.500248458AVON 2N
URYC22008-12-17 183.500247733QURAY SPOTTER
DUTU12008-12-17 183.200246781DUTCH JOHN 7NE
0686C_MADIS2008-12-17 143.000249554CRESTED BUTTE 6.2 N, CO
GTHC22008-12-17 183.0002410404GOTHIC
GUXC22008-12-17 143.00024AMRAD
KMMC22008-12-17 153.000247730GREEN MTN DAM
WTPC22008-12-17 153.000249121WINTER PARK
0053C_MADIS2008-12-17 142.500247887GREAT SAND DUNES 7.0 SSW, CO
1710C_MADIS2008-12-17 142.500248993SILVERTHORNE 7.4 NW, CO
LOAN52008-12-17 072.500247293LOS ALAMOS,NM
0521C_MADIS2008-12-17 142.400248320VAIL 2.6 E, CO
CSTC22008-12-17 072.4002481891MI.SE CRESTONE,CO
GUNC22008-12-17 182.200247657GUNNISON COOP
1672C_MADIS2008-12-17 142.100247657MONTEVISTA 2.7 SSE, CO
0515C_MADIS2008-12-17 142.000247251WOLCOTT 2.3 N, CO
7529O_MADIS2008-12-17 142.000245276COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS 1.6 SE, UT
EDRC22008-12-17 182.000247182EDWARDS 1WNW
EGNN52008-12-17 142.000248261EAGLE NEST,NM
PLTU12008-12-17 152.000245299DEER CREEK DAM-9MI.SW-HEBER
SARC22008-12-17 152.000249705SANTA MARIA RESERVOIR
WCTC22008-12-17 182.000247257WOLCOTT 2N
CBUC22008-12-17 161.700248875CRESTED BUTTE COOP
0514C_MADIS2008-12-17 141.600247119BASALT 5.8 E, CO
0618C_MADIS2008-12-17 141.500245869GLENWOOD SPRINGS 1.4 S, CO
0682C_MADIS2008-12-17 141.500247707GUNNISON 7.9 WSW, CO
SVRW42008-12-17 181.500246125STAR VALLEY RANCH - UCOOP
1688C_MADIS2008-12-17 161.200248031CRESTONE 1.2 SSE, CO
4236C_MADIS2008-12-17 131.200246611EAGLE 1.0 SSE, CO
0674C_MADIS2008-12-17 161.100248743FRASER 1.8 NNE, CO
7865O_MADIS2008-12-17 141.100244360CENTERVILLE 0.8 NE, UT
GTWI12008-12-17 151.100246060GEORGETOWN ELEMENTARY
1673C_MADIS2008-12-17 151.000248406SOUTH FORK 4.1 SW, CO
1674C_MADIS2008-12-17 141.000247703MONTE VISTA 4.1 S, CO
2739C_MADIS2008-12-17 141.000246975AFTON 12.2 S, WY
3998C_MADIS2008-12-17 141.000247014TAOS 0.6 ESE, NM
7448O_MADIS2008-12-17 141.000244797LOGAN 1.7 ESE, UT
BERI12008-12-17 151.000245965BERN
CLXC22008-12-17 131.0002411601CLIMAX COOP
GSDC22008-12-17 161.000248002GREAT SAND DUNES NATL MON
MVSC22008-12-17 141.0002476512MI.N MONTE VISTA,CO
POSC22008-12-17 181.000248064PAGOSA SPRINGS 12NW
TRSN52008-12-18 001.000248212RANGER STATION
9258C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.900246191CARBONDALE 0.5 W, CO
0938C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.700249931LEADVILLE 1.8 WNW, CO
7626O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.700244469BOUNTIFUL 1.7 NE, UT
FRZC22008-12-17 230.700248593FRASER,CO
0655C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.600248661TABERNASH 2.5 ENE, CO
1106C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.600247844ESTES PARK 0.6 SSE, CO
1257C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.600247822ESTES PARK 1 SSE, CO
1709C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.600249091DILLON 0.6 WNW, CO
3058O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.600247795DEL NORTE 3.3 E, CO
ETSC22008-12-17 140.6002478311MI.SSE ESTES PARK,CO
LOGU12008-12-17 150.600244803LOGAN,UT
0615C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.500245810GLENWOOD SPRINGS .64 S, CO
0666C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.500247982GRANBY .5 NW, CO
1048C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.500249505RUS 9 SSW, CO
1718C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.500249091DILLON 2.3 SE, CO
1721C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.5002410315BRECKENRIDGE 3.4 SSE, CO
2652C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.500248386RAWLINS 1 NW, WY
8106C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.500249091VILLA GROVE 8.2 W, CO
BFDC22008-12-17 180.500247812VALLECITO DAM COOP
BRGC22008-12-17 150.500249616BRECKENRIDGE,CO
DLLC22008-12-17 140.5002491171MI.E DILLON,CO
DLNC22008-12-17 140.500247989DEL NORTE,CO
LKCC22008-12-17 230.500248688LAKE CITY COOP
STBC22008-12-17 180.500246985STEAMBOAT SPRINGS SPOTTER
WAVC22008-12-17 140.500247621WAVERLY 1W
0287C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.400248570WARD 4.6 NE, CO
0934C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.400249967LEADVILLE 1.4 WNW, CO
LESU12008-12-17 150.4002444917MI.SSW LOGAN,UT
1556C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.3002410400FAIRPLAY 2.7 WNW, CO
RLVC22008-12-17 140.300248688AMRAD
SHRW42008-12-17 130.300247057SHIRLEY BASIN MINE 345C
0186C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.200248356NEDERLAND .5 WNW, CO
0642C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.200245965GLENWOOD SPRINGS 1.7 NW, CO
1548C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.2002410620ALMA 3.1 N, CO
2654C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.200247503ELK MOUNTAIN 2.1 S, WY
3924C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.200247356KEMMERER 20.5 NNW, WY
7937O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.200247546ALAMOSA 1.2 NE, CO
NDLC22008-12-17 140.200248340AMRAD
7705C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.100248350COSTILLA COUNTY, CO
8597C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.100247966ESTES PARK 1.8 S, CO
BNVC22008-12-17 150.100247979BUENA VISTA,CO
WLDC22008-12-17 160.100248156WALDEN
0199C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010247881NEDERLAND 5.8 E, CO
0212C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010248425NEDERLAND 2.61 NNE, CO
0232C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010248435NEDERLAND 4.8 ENE, CO
0325C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.010248717MAYSVILLE 2.2 NE, CO
0339C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010248638EMPIRE .2 E, CO
0637C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010245948GLENWOOD SPRINGS 5.3 SSE, CO
0889C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.010248691ASPEN SPRINGS 4.9 ESE, CO
0952C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010246594DURANGO 9.2 NNE, CO
0997C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010245617MASONVILLE 3.4 NW, CO
1056C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.010247785HHR, CO
1067C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010246778ESTES PARK 10.5 SE, CO
1072C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.010247287BLV 5.5 W, CO
1104C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010247736ESTES PARK 1.8 SE, CO
1110C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010247644ESTES PARK 0.5 NE, CO
1120C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010248097ESTES PARK 3.3 SSW, CO
1122C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010247690LIVERMORE 12 SW, CO
1124C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010247789STOVE PRAIRIE 2 WNW, CO
1237C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.010247028LOV 10.7 W, CO
2411C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010246184ABIQUIU 7.5 WNW, NM
2524O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.010246578SINCLAIR 0.1 N, WY
2556O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.010246467TETON VILLAGE 1.6 SW, WY
2655C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010247218ROCK RIVER 9.6 WSW, WY
4046C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010247008DRAKE 5.3 WNW, CO
4175C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.010246575DURANGO 7.1 N, CO
4750C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.010248012NEDERLAND 4.2 E, CO
5003C_MADIS2008-12-17 160.0102410719BRECKENRIDGE 3.3 SE, CO
8562O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.010249259IDAHO SPRINGS 4.9 NW, CO
ALBC22008-12-17 150.001247543ALAMOSA 2S
BRSW42008-12-17 180.001246939BOULDER REARING STATION - COOP
CSFC22008-12-17 160.001249075CO ST FOREST ST PARK
GCRC22008-12-17 130.0012410020CABIN CREEK
GEOC22008-12-17 150.0012485201MI.N GEORGETOWN,CO
HORC22008-12-17 140.001247782HOHNHOLZ RANCH
JARU12008-12-17 180.001245499JARVIE RANCH
JFSW42008-12-17 210.001246263JACKSON - COOP
KMLC22008-12-17 150.001247421KREMMLING
KVNU12008-12-17 140.001244455LOGAN RADIO KVNU
MBOW42008-12-17 130.001246568POLICE DEPT
RANU12008-12-17 130.001246309RANDOLPH
RUTC22008-12-17 140.0012477308MI.N RUSTIC,CO
SGLC22008-12-17 150.001249728SUGARLOAF RSVR
TWNC22008-12-17 150.001249426TWIN LAKES RSVR COOP
WIFC22008-12-17 150.001247733WILLIAMS FORK DAM
WSCC22008-12-17 140.001248182WESTCLIFFE 7NE
0165C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245400BOULDER 2.9 S, CO
0169C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245466BOULDER 1.4 NNW, CO
0172C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245489BOULDER 1.6 S, CO
0191C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245541BOULDER 3.5 S, CO
0210C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245344BOULDER 1.3 NW, CO
0227C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245371BOULDER 1.3 N, CO
0234C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245344NIWOT 5.5 W, CO
0249C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245827LYONS 0.3 NNE, CO
0254O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000245558PARK COUNTY, MT
0313C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247297SALIDA. 6.1 NW, CO
0315C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000248448NATHROP 4.8 SSW, CO
0324C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248143NATHROP 3.3 WSW, CO
0327C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248002NATHROP 5.1 SSW, CO
0337C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248150EVERGREEN 6.5 WSW, CO
0338C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247740EVERGREEN 5 W, CO
0344C_MADIS2008-12-17 160.000247743IDAHO SPRINGS 1.7 WSW, CO
0569C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246627COLORADO SPRINGS 5.7 WNW, CO
0570C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246106COLORADO SPRINGS 7.2 SSW, CO
0585C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247395COTOPAXI 4.9 SE, CO
0606C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247388COTOPAXI 5.0 SE, CO
0649C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248983BLACK HAWK 3.8 E, CO
0729C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247306GENESEE 1 N, CO
0731C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247215GOLDEN 3.8 WNW, CO
0736C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247877CONIFER 4.2 ENE, CO
0739C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248386CONIFER 3 E, CO
0741C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000246903CHATFIELD DAM 7.2 SW, CO
0742O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000244032ABSAROKEE 0.6 S, MT
0744C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245774GOLDEN 0.7 NW, CO
0751C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248465CONIFER 3 SW, CO
0756C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247503GOLDEN 4.8 NW, CO
0771C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248199CONIFER 1.0 N, CO
0790C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247927EVERGREEN 4.6 S, CO
0799C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246827RALSTON BUTTES 1.1 NNW, CO
0805C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000247392ASPEN PARK 5.2 ESE, CO
0809C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247749EVERGREEN 4.2 SSE, CO
0844C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246949LITTLETON 10.2 WSW, CO
0846C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248527CONIFER 5.7 SW, CO
0862C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248061EVERGREEN 3.8 SW, CO
0871C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246211GOLDEN 3.9 NNW, CO
0881C_MADIS2008-12-17 160.000248714GOLDEN 9.4 WNW, CO
0989C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245614LYONS 4.8 N, CO
1062C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000247224VDL 7 ENE, CO
1109C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000246709DRAKE 3.0 NNE, CO
1123C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247392LIVERMORE 10.5 WSW, CO
1134C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246722LIVERMORE 9.8 NW, CO
1250C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245361BLV 4.0 NW, CO
1266C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246112LA PORTE 10.0 NNW, CO
1329C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000246742VIRGINIA DALE 7.2 SSW, CO
1339C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247940WESTON 10.5 W, CO
1573C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248953LAKE GEORGE 7.2 WNW, CO
1583C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000249669COMO 10.1 SE, CO
1589C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248825BAILEY 6.4 NNW, CO
1622C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247520SNOWMASS 7.0 W, CO
2410C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245623ESPANOLA 1.1 SE, NM
2675C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000244980RIVERTON 0.5 NW, WY
2696C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000245479BARNUM 5.0 NNW, WY
2703C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245049KAYCEE 17 NNW, WY
2721C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247769WARREN AFB 20.6 WSW, WY
2748C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245144CASPER 4.4 WSW, WY
2749C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245299CASPER 11.7, WY
2755C_MADIS2008-12-17 160.000245312KAYCEE 19 SSW, WY
2767C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000244367POWELL 1.1 ESE, WY
2768C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245056POWELL 11.8 W, WY
2772C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000244485POWELL 4.2 SW, WY
2774C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245072CODY 0.6 ESE, WY
2811C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000244518TEN SLEEP 4.8 NNW, WY
3094C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245020TEN SLEEP 26.6 S, WY
3462C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246293ROCK SPRINGS 0.6 W, WY
4395C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245161PARK COUNTY, WY
4846O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000245131CODY 3.8 SE, WY
4847O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245463WHEATLAND 20.0 SW, WY
5083C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246010KASSLER 1.2 SSW, CO
5537C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245387LYONS 0.2 NE, CO
5613C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000246352FALCON ESTATES 2.6 SW, CO
6208C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000244859CODY 7.2 NNE, WY
6352C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245148NATRONA COUNTY, WY
6446C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245272CASPER 5.5 WNW, WY
6511C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245528NATRONA COUNTY, WY
6524C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246112EL PASO COUNTY, CO
6658O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000245266CASPER 9.7 WSW, WY
6687C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247247CLARK 0.7 NW, CO
6734O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246555LAS VEGAS 1.6 NNW, NM
6820C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000244344THERMOPOLIS 0.2 SSW, WY
6845C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000249058GUFFEY 3.3 NW, CO
6874C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000244236ROBERTS 5.9 NNW, MT
7012C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000244993DOUGLAS 2.2 SW, WY
7051C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246214COLORADO SPRINGS 2.1 NW, CO
7268C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000247290CENTER 1.2 NE, CO
7346O_MADIS2008-12-17 170.000245299BOULDER 1.5 S, CO
7727O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000248114SAN LUIS 8.8 SW, CO
7736O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000247369RED FEATHER LAKES 3.8 ENE, CO
7740O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246762BELLVUE 5.6 WNW, CO
8089C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000246266ROCK SPRINGS 0.5 E, WY
8824C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000246188GREEN RIVER 0.2 WSW, WY
ALS2008-12-18 000.000247543SAN LUIS VALLEY REGIONAL
AMFU12008-12-18 010.000245092ALPINE
ANTC22008-12-17 150.000248944SOUTH PLATTE RIVER
ASIC22008-12-17 140.000249213ASPEN SPRINGS AMRAD
ATAU12008-12-18 010.000248684ALTA
BDGM82008-12-17 140.000243593BRIDGER 2N
BGGC22008-12-17 180.000246470CRAIG 33N
BMTW42008-12-17 180.000244298THERMOPOLIS 9 NE - COOP
BOUC22008-12-18 000.0002454862MI.S BOULDER,CO
BRGU12008-12-18 010.000244236BRIGHAM CITY WASTE PLANT
BUEW42008-12-17 140.000247772NR TWIN MTNS
BURW42008-12-17 180.000248054BURGESS JUNCTION
BWNC22008-12-17 180.000245564BROWNS PARK STORE
CENC22008-12-17 140.0002476744MI.SSW CENTER,CO
CLAW42008-12-17 180.000244111CLARK 3NE - COOP
CMBW42008-12-17 140.000247526LARAMIE 7SSE
CNRC22008-12-17 140.000248825AMRAD
CRGC22008-12-17 180.000246339CRAIG COOP
CRHC22008-12-17 140.000248458CROW HILL AMRAD
DARW42008-12-18 020.000248182DARWIN RANCH - COOP
DBOW42008-12-17 180.000246959DUBOIS - COOP
DCRC22008-12-17 140.000247090DEER CREEK CANYON
DEVW42008-12-17 180.000244091DEAVER - COOP
DGLW42008-12-17 150.0002448821MI.SE DOUGLAS,WY
DNRC22008-12-17 130.000248002RIO GRANDE RIVER
EEO2008-12-17 140.000246394MEEKER ARPT
EPON52008-12-17 150.000245591ESPANOLA,NM
EVGC22008-12-17 150.000247034EVERGREEN
FRPC22008-12-17 160.000249911FAIRPLAY S. PARK R.D.
FRSC22008-12-17 140.000248625FLORISSANT AMRAD
FSNW42008-12-17 180.000246693FARSON - COOP
GDEC22008-12-17 070.000247493GOLDEN 3SW
GDNC22008-12-17 150.000245883RALSTON RESERVOIR
GLKC22008-12-17 230.0002487661MI.NW GRAND LAKE,CO
GRRC22008-12-17 150.000246903GROSS RESERVOIR
GRTC22008-12-17 150.000248720GRANT
HUDW42008-12-17 180.00024HUDSON - UCOOP
JEFC22008-12-17 140.000249383AMRAD
JEFW42008-12-17 120.000246322JEFFREY CITY - COOP
LFTI12008-12-17 140.000245925LIFTON PUMPING STATION
LGEC22008-12-17 140.000248064AMRAD
LGRC22008-12-17 140.000248550LAKE GEORGE 8SW
LNRW42008-12-17 180.000245328LANDER - COOP
LRMW42008-12-17 150.000247398LARAMIE 4SE
MNLU12008-12-18 020.000246240FLAMING GORGE COOP ABC
MOOW42008-12-17 150.000246470MOOSE - COOP
MRSC22008-12-17 140.000246053AMRAD
NFKW42008-12-17 180.000246726SHOSHONE LODGE NORTH FORK
PFSW42008-12-17 180.000244354POWELL - COOP
PJUC22008-12-17 140.000248481PINE JUNCTION
POCW42008-12-17 180.000248035PAINTER OUTPOST IN CRANDALL
PRVW42008-12-18 040.000245705POWDER RIVER - COOP
RELM82008-12-18 000.000245407RED LODGE
RIVW42008-12-17 180.000244957RIVERTON - COOP
ROXC22008-12-17 160.000246253ROXBOROUGH STATE PARK
RYEC22008-12-18 030.000247139RYE 1 SW
SBDW42008-12-17 190.000244738BOYSEN DAM - DCP/COOP
SBTC22008-12-17 150.000246716STEAMBOAT SPRINGS
SFEN52008-12-17 140.000246998SANTA FE SETON,NM
SHLW42008-12-17 180.000244308SHELL - COOP
SIXW42008-12-17 180.000246542SIXTH CROSSING - UCOOP
SLTU12008-12-17 230.000245600CITY CREEK CANYON
SSDC22008-12-17 150.000245873STRONTIA SPRINGS DAM
TCPC22008-12-17 140.000249449TROUT CREEK PASS
TNSW42008-12-17 180.000244715TENSLEEP - COOP
VDAC22008-12-17 150.0002470647MI.ENE VIRGINIA DALE,CO
Data last summarized at December 21 2008 03:18:48 UTC.

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