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Allegheny Front Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2023-01-26 07:00 UTC to 2023-01-27 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
ACEP12023-01-26 121.5001798DONEGAL 2 NW
KANP12023-01-26 121.5002014KANE,PA
PA-VN-52023-01-26 121.0001519SENECA 0.7 NNE, PA
SDEP12023-01-26 141.0002165FLAT ROCK 3 NW SNOW
THFP12023-01-26 171.0002241FALL BROOK SNOW
THIP12023-01-26 170.9001939SAND ROAD SNOW
THJP12023-01-26 170.9001260OSGOOD HOLLOWN SNOW
SRFM22023-01-26 130.8002628NEW GERMANY STATE PARK - SNOW
SRGM22023-01-26 130.8002477ELK LICK - SNOW
THEP12023-01-26 170.8001932MORRIS RUN SNOW
PNYP12023-01-26 120.7001283MAHONING LAKE
SDFP12023-01-26 140.7002011FLAT ROCK SNOW
BKBW22023-01-26 120.6003727DAVIS.
CLIP12023-01-26 140.6001677JEMISON SNOW
SRAM22023-01-26 130.6001900SAVAGE RIVER DAM - SNOW
SRBM22023-01-26 130.6001906CRABTREE BRANCH - SNOW
SRCM22023-01-26 130.6001900GLEASON HILL - SNOW
SREM22023-01-26 130.6002280BIG RUN STATE PARK - SNOW
THDP12023-01-26 170.6001549HILLSIDE GUN CLUB SNOW
THGP12023-01-26 170.6001634CHARLESTON SNOW
CDCP12023-01-26 150.5001516MCGEES MILLS 1 NW SNOW
RDCP12023-01-26 200.5001952BROAD TOP SOUTH SNOW
RDDP12023-01-26 200.5001785BROAD TOP NORTH SNOW
THBP12023-01-26 170.5001654CANOE CREEK SNOW
PA-BD-62023-01-26 110.4701342EVERETT 3.4 SW, PA
MD-WH-112023-01-26 120.450564HANCOCK 0.8 ESE, MD
CDBP12023-01-26 150.4001575LUMBER CITY 3 W SNOW
RDKP12023-01-26 200.4001539BLUE KNOB SP SNOW
SDDP12023-01-26 140.4001299WINGATE 2 NW SNOW
THCP12023-01-26 170.4001342COVINGTON SNOW
TIOP12023-01-26 120.4001217TIONESTA DAM
PA-VN-262023-01-26 100.3401142RENO 0.4 NW, PA
CDAP12023-01-26 150.3001165CURWENSVILLE DAM SNOW
CDDP12023-01-26 150.3001568CHERRY TREE 1 W SNOW
CDGP12023-01-26 150.3001581HASTINGS 3 N SNOW
CDHP12023-01-26 150.3001808FIVE POINTS SNOW
CDIP12023-01-26 150.3001834CARROLTOWN
RDIP12023-01-26 200.3001201SHAWNEE SP SOUTH SNOW
RDJP12023-01-26 200.3001234SHAWNEE SP NORTH SNOW
STVP12023-01-26 120.3001253GEO B STEVENSON LAKE
PA-BD-52023-01-26 110.2801273RAINSBURG 5.0 NNW, PA
PA-CM-122023-01-26 120.2401614SOUTH FORK 0.2 ESE, PA
CDEP12023-01-26 150.2001555BARNESBORO SNOW
RDAP12023-01-26 200.200951RAYSTOWN DAM SNOW
RDBP12023-01-26 200.2001309ROTHROCK SNOW
RDEP12023-01-26 200.2001673LOYSBURG GAP SNOW
RDFP12023-01-26 200.2001240CLEAR RIDGE NORTH SNOW
RDHP12023-01-26 200.2001362CLEAR RIDGE SOUTH SNOW
SDHP12023-01-26 140.2001014BELLEFONTE 2 S SNOW
SDGP12023-01-26 140.1001568BOALSBURG SNOW
PA-NM-32023-01-26 120.001709MUNCY 4.7 SSE, PA
CJRP12023-01-26 120.0002162COUDERSPORT 7SE
FDCP12023-01-26 120.000955CROOKED CREEK LAKE
RRFP12023-01-26 130.0001293LAUGHLINTOWN 1SW
SDAP12023-01-26 140.000669SAYERS DAM SNOW
SDCP12023-01-26 140.0001706PLEASANT GAP 1 SE SNOW
Data last summarized at January 27 2023 18:00:53 UTC.

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