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Allegheny Front Snow Depth Observations
from 2023-12-05 07:00 UTC to 2023-12-06 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
PA-FR-22023-12-05 110.508514MARIENVILLE 5.3 W, PA
BDFP12023-12-05 130.003584BRADFORD,PA
BKBW22023-12-05 120.0031136DAVIS.
PA-VN-222023-12-05 110.003461FRANKLIN 1.4 SSW, PA
WLLP12023-12-05 120.003552WELLSBORO 4 SW
ACEP12023-12-05 120.000548DONEGAL 2 NW
ALOP12023-12-05 130.000390ALTOONA 2
BAYW22023-12-05 120.000727BAYARD COOP
BGLP12023-12-05 130.000205BIGLERVILLE,PA
BKSW22023-12-05 130.000290CACAPON ST PARK
CAAW22023-12-05 140.000973CANAAN VALLEY
CBLM22023-12-05 120.000251CUMBERLAND 2 COOP
CDAP12023-12-05 120.000355CURWENSVILLE DAM SNOW
CDBP12023-12-05 120.000480LUMBER CITY 3 W SNOW
CDCP12023-12-05 120.000462MCGEES MILLS 1 NW SNOW
CDDP12023-12-05 120.000478CHERRY TREE 1 W SNOW
CDEP12023-12-05 120.000474BARNESBORO SNOW
CDGP12023-12-05 120.000482HASTINGS 3 N SNOW
CDHP12023-12-05 120.000551FIVE POINTS SNOW
CDIP12023-12-05 120.000559CARROLTOWN
CLAP12023-12-05 120.000321PINEY LAKE
CLIP12023-12-05 170.000511JEMISON SNOW
CNLP12023-12-05 110.000298CONNELLSVILLE
CNTP12023-12-05 130.000351CANTON
COVP12023-12-05 090.000522COVINGTON 2WSW
CSLP12023-12-05 120.000124CARLISLE WATER PLANT
EBNP12023-12-05 130.000596EBENSBURG,PA
FDCP12023-12-05 120.000291CROOKED CREEK LAKE
FKNP12023-12-05 130.000300FRANKLIN
GRMP12023-12-05 110.000468GRAMPIAN, PA
HGCM22023-12-06 050.000165HAGERSTOWN 1E COOP
HVJP12023-12-05 130.000877HIDDEN VALLEY COOP
INDP12023-12-05 120.000337INDIANA
JRAW22023-12-05 130.000467JENNINGS RANDOLPH DAM - SNOW
JRBW22023-12-05 130.000774MOUNT STORM 4NE - SNOW
JRDW22023-12-05 130.000929BISMARK SOUTH - SNOW
JRFW22023-12-05 130.000828BAYARD 2SW - SNOW
JRGM22023-12-05 130.000886WEST VINDEX 2NNW - SNOW
JRHM22023-12-05 130.000775WEST VINDEX 1NW - SNOW
KANP12023-12-05 120.000614KANE,PA
KEYW22023-12-05 120.000294KEYSER 2 SSW COOP
LAPP12023-12-05 120.000599LAPORTE,PA
LBGP12023-12-05 120.000153LEWISBURG,PA
LHGP12023-12-05 130.000226BELTZVILLE DAM
LOKP12023-12-05 120.000202SEWAGE PLANT
LSTP12023-12-05 120.000154LEWISTOWN,PA
MD-AL-22023-12-05 120.000225CRESAPTOWN-BEL AIR 0.9 SSE, MD
MD-WH-32023-12-05 120.000161HAGERSTOWN 1.0 ENE, MD
MHCP12023-12-06 060.000239MAHANTANGO CK
OKLM22023-12-05 110.000649SINES DEEP CREEK LAKE
OLNN62023-12-05 120.000432OLEAN
ORTP12023-12-05 120.000219CASHTOWN 1S
PA-BD-52023-12-05 110.000388RAINSBURG 5.0 NNW, PA
PA-BD-62023-12-05 120.000409EVERETT 3.4 SW, PA
PA-BR-252023-12-05 120.000164HAMBURG 0.7 NNW, PA
PA-CB-122023-12-05 160.000164BOWMANSTOWN 3.0 WSW, PA
PA-CB-162023-12-05 120.000304JIM THORPE 1.1 NNE, PA
PA-CN-102023-12-05 130.000304BELLEFONTE 4.3 E, PA
PA-CN-132023-12-05 120.000358BOALSBURG 0.4 E, PA
PA-CN-182023-12-05 120.000419PORT MATILDA 2.2 ESE, PA
PA-CN-32023-12-05 140.000337STATE COLLEGE 2.4 ENE, PA
PA-CN-342023-12-05 120.000345SPRING MILLS 1.4 S, PA
PA-CN-392023-12-05 120.000361STATE COLLEGE 1.3 SW, PA
PA-CN-52023-12-05 120.000373STATE COLLEGE 2.6 NW, PA
PA-DP-322023-12-05 130.000138DAUPHIN 2.6 NNE, PA
PA-HN-32023-12-05 120.000291HUNTINGDON 1.3 N, PA
PA-LH-172023-12-05 130.000202SCHNECKSVILLE 1.7 ENE, PA
PA-LY-22023-12-05 120.000177WILLIAMSPORT 2.0 NE, PA
PA-PT-22023-12-05 120.000500ROULETTE 1.8 NNE, PA
PA-SN-22023-12-05 120.000173SELINSGROVE 2.6 WNW, PA
PA-VN-262023-12-05 100.000348RENO 0.4 NW, PA
PA-WT-182023-12-05 150.000334NEW FLORENCE 0.2 ESE, PA
PALP12023-12-05 130.000455PORT ALLEGANY,PA
PGSP12023-12-05 120.000152PINE GROVE
PNYP12023-12-05 110.000391MAHONING LAKE
RDWP12023-12-05 120.000421RIDGWAY,PA
RHAN62023-12-05 120.000451ALLEGANY STATE PARK
RRFP12023-12-05 130.000394LAUGHLINTOWN 1SW
RVOP12023-12-05 120.000266RENOVO,PA
SCHP12023-12-05 120.000239FREEPORT DAM
SDAP12023-12-05 180.000204SAYERS DAM SNOW
SDBP12023-12-06 050.000146EAST STROUDSBURG
SDCP12023-12-05 180.000520PLEASANT GAP 1 SE SNOW
SDDP12023-12-05 180.000396WINGATE 2 NW SNOW
SDEP12023-12-05 180.000660FLAT ROCK 3 NW SNOW
SDFP12023-12-05 180.000613FLAT ROCK SNOW
SDGP12023-12-05 180.000478BOALSBURG SNOW
SDHP12023-12-05 180.000309BELLEFONTE 2 S SNOW
SLNP12023-12-05 120.000376SALINA
SMRP12023-12-05 130.000653SOMERSET,PA
SPBP12023-12-06 050.000211SHIPPENSBURG,PA
SRAM22023-12-05 120.000579SAVAGE RIVER DAM - SNOW
SRBM22023-12-05 120.000581CRABTREE BRANCH - SNOW
SRCM22023-12-05 120.000579GLEASON HILL - SNOW
SREM22023-12-05 120.000695BIG RUN STATE PARK - SNOW
SRFM22023-12-05 120.000801NEW GERMANY STATE PARK - SNOW
SRGM22023-12-05 120.000755ELK LICK - SNOW
STCP12023-12-05 130.000378STATE COLLEGE,PA
STVP12023-12-05 120.000382GEO B STEVENSON LAKE
THBP12023-12-05 170.000504CANOE CREEK SNOW
THCP12023-12-05 170.000409COVINGTON SNOW
THDP12023-12-05 170.000472HILLSIDE GUN CLUB SNOW
THEP12023-12-05 170.000589MORRIS RUN SNOW
THFP12023-12-05 170.000683FALL BROOK SNOW
THGP12023-12-05 170.000498CHARLESTON SNOW
THIP12023-12-05 170.000591SAND ROAD SNOW
THJP12023-12-05 170.000384OSGOOD HOLLOWN SNOW
TIOP12023-12-05 120.000371TIONESTA DAM
TSVP12023-12-05 120.000371TITUSVILLE WATER WORKS
WELN62023-12-05 100.000455WELLSVILLE
WNBP12023-12-05 120.000795WINDBER 7SE
WV-BY-162023-12-05 120.000184BUNKER HILL 1.5 SW, WV
WV-HY-32023-12-05 130.000311MOOREFIELD 3.7 SSE, WV
WV-PR-102023-12-05 130.000895TERRA ALTA 4.9 NNE, WV
WV-PR-112023-12-05 120.000778THOMAS 7.4 N, WV
WV-PR-202023-12-05 120.000511BRUCETON MILLS 2.8 S, WV
Data last summarized at December 11 2023 22:03:21 UTC.

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