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Allegheny Front Snow Depth Observations
from 2022-07-05 07:00 UTC to 2022-07-06 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
MHCP12022-07-06 0613.000784MAHANTANGO CK
ACEP12022-07-05 110.0001798DONEGAL 2 NW
ALOP12022-07-06 040.0001280ALTOONA 2
BAYW22022-07-05 110.0002385BAYARD COOP
BKBW22022-07-05 110.0003727DAVIS.
BKSW22022-07-05 120.000951CACAPON ST PARK
CBLM22022-07-05 110.000823CUMBERLAND 2 COOP
CJRP12022-07-05 110.0002162COUDERSPORT 7SE
CNLP12022-07-05 100.000978CONNELLSVILLE
CNTP12022-07-05 120.0001152CANTON
COVP12022-07-05 110.0001713COVINGTON 2WSW
CSLP12022-07-05 110.000407CARLISLE WATER PLANT
FDCP12022-07-05 110.000955CROOKED CREEK LAKE
FKNP12022-07-05 120.000984FRANKLIN
GRMP12022-07-05 100.0001535GRAMPIAN, PA
HGCM22022-07-06 040.000541HAGERSTOWN 1E COOP
HRBP12022-07-05 110.000420HARRISBURG,PA
HVJP12022-07-05 120.0002877HIDDEN VALLEY COOP
INDP12022-07-05 110.0001106INDIANA
KANP12022-07-05 110.0002014KANE,PA
KEYW22022-07-05 110.000965KEYSER 2 SSW COOP
LAPP12022-07-05 100.0001965LAPORTE,PA
LAUP12022-07-05 110.00022831.5MI S OF RT 30 ON SMIT (LAUREL RIDGE)
LBGP12022-07-05 110.000502LEWISBURG,PA
LHGP12022-07-05 120.000741BELTZVILLE DAM
LOKP12022-07-05 110.000663SEWAGE PLANT
LSTP12022-07-05 110.000505LEWISTOWN,PA
MD-AL-22022-07-05 110.000738CRESAPTOWN-BEL AIR 0.9 SSE, MD
OLDM22022-07-05 110.0002444OAKLAND
OLNN62022-07-05 110.0001417OLEAN
ORTP12022-07-05 110.000719CASHTOWN 1S
PA-BR-252022-07-05 110.000538HAMBURG 0.7 NNW, PA
PA-CB-122022-07-05 150.000538BOWMANSTOWN 3.0 WSW, PA
PA-DP-322022-07-05 120.000453DAUPHIN 2.6 NNE, PA
PA-FR-22022-07-05 100.0001686MARIENVILLE 5.3 W, PA
PA-LY-22022-07-05 110.000581WILLIAMSPORT 2.0 NE, PA
PA-PT-22022-07-05 110.0001640ROULETTE 1.8 NNE, PA
PA-WT-182022-07-05 120.0001096NEW FLORENCE 0.2 ESE, PA
PGSP12022-07-05 110.000499PINE GROVE
PNYP12022-07-05 100.0001283MAHONING LAKE
RDWP12022-07-05 110.0001381RIDGWAY,PA
RHAN62022-07-05 120.0001480ALLEGANY STATE PARK
ROMW22022-07-05 110.000709ROMNEY 1SW COOP
RRFP12022-07-05 120.0001293LAUGHLINTOWN 1SW
RVOP12022-07-05 110.000873RENOVO,PA
SLNP12022-07-05 110.0001234SALINA
SMRP12022-07-05 120.0002142SOMERSET,PA
SPBP12022-07-06 040.000692SHIPPENSBURG,PA
STCP12022-07-05 120.0001240STATE COLLEGE,PA
STVP12022-07-05 110.0001253GEO B STEVENSON LAKE
TSVP12022-07-05 110.0001217TITUSVILLE WATER WORKS
WELN62022-07-05 090.0001493WELLSVILLE
WLLP12022-07-05 110.0001811WELLSBORO 4 SW
WLXP12022-07-05 110.0001942GLEN HAZEL,PA
WMGP12022-07-05 110.000863WILLIAMSBURG,PA
WNBP12022-07-05 110.0002608WINDBER 7SE
WOLP12022-07-05 110.0001194RAYSTOWN BR OF JUNIATA
WRRP12022-07-05 110.0001188ALLEGHENY RIVER AT WARREN
WV-HY-32022-07-05 120.0001020MOOREFIELD 3.7 SSE, WV
WV-PR-112022-07-05 110.0002552THOMAS 7.4 N, WV
Data last summarized at July 08 2022 04:01:32 UTC.

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