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Nearest observations to

Bayfield, CO

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Location and Date

Closest 5 observations near Bayfield, CO
37.23°N, -107.6°W (Elevation: 6900 ft)
Latest between 2019-12-06 06:00 UTC
and 2019-12-07 06:00 UTC

Raw Snowfall Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Raw Snowfall
Date (UTC)Distance
BYFC2BAYFIELD 7N72800.00242019-12-06 145.7 mi N
CO-LP-98BAYFIELD 6.2 N, CO74410.00242019-12-06 146.8 mi N
CO-LP-35BAYFIELD 7.0 N, CO80410.00242019-12-06 147.6 mi N
IGCC2IGNACIO 6ESE65550.00242019-12-06 1410.3 mi SSE
CO-LP-8DURANGO 4.9 ESE, CO71260.00242019-12-06 1411 mi W

Snow Depth Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Snow Depth
Date (UTC)Distance
BYFC2BAYFIELD 7N72800.002019-12-06 145.7 mi N
CO-LP-98BAYFIELD 6.2 N, CO74410.002019-12-06 146.8 mi N
CO-LP-35BAYFIELD 7.0 N, CO80413.502019-12-06 147.6 mi N
IGCC2IGNACIO 6ESE65550.002019-12-06 1410.3 mi SSE
STPC2STUMP LAKES1127626.002019-12-06 2017.4 mi N

Snow Water Equivalent Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Snow Water Equivalent
Date (UTC)Distance
STPC2STUMP LAKES112766.202019-12-06 2117.4 mi N
VALC2VALLECITO107356.502019-12-06 2118.6 mi NNE
WMNC2WEMINUCHE CREEK106966.302019-12-06 2025.4 mi NE
CMBC2COLUMBUS BASIN108277.602019-12-06 2027.8 mi WNW
CSCC2CASCADE89274.102019-12-06 2031.5 mi NNW

Raw Precipitation Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Raw Precipitation
Date (UTC)Distance
C6135_MADISCW6135 BAYFIELD69750.0012019-12-06 213.5 mi ESE
C6135_MADISCW6135 BAYFIELD69750.00242019-12-06 213.5 mi ESE
LPIC2LOS PINOS RIVER NEAR IGNACIO66630.0012019-12-06 214.2 mi SSE
LPIC2LOS PINOS RIVER NEAR IGNACIO66630.00242019-12-06 214.2 mi SSE
CO-LP-67IGNACIO 2.9 N, CO66800.00242019-12-06 144.9 mi SSW

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