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Nearest observations to

Fond du Lac, WI

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Location and Date

Closest 5 observations near Fond du Lac, WI
43.77°N, -88.45°W (Elevation: 761 ft)
Latest between 2019-10-02 06:00 UTC
and 2019-10-03 06:00 UTC

Raw Snowfall Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Raw Snowfall
Date (UTC)Distance
FCDW3FOND DU LAC-AM7710.00242019-10-02 121.1 mi WSW
TAHW3TAYCHEEDAH10660.00242019-10-02 126.5 mi ENE
FDCW3FOND DU LAC-MID10890.00242019-10-03 059.6 mi S
OOSW3OSHKOSH 6 S8010.00242019-10-02 1212.3 mi NNW
OKHW3OSHKOSH,WI7780.00242019-10-02 1218.8 mi NNW

Snow Depth Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Snow Depth
Date (UTC)Distance
FCDW3FOND DU LAC-AM7710.002019-10-02 121.1 mi WSW
TAHW3TAYCHEEDAH10660.002019-10-02 126.5 mi ENE
FDCW3FOND DU LAC-MID10890.002019-10-03 059.6 mi S
OOSW3OSHKOSH 6 S8010.002019-10-02 1212.3 mi NNW
OKHW3OSHKOSH,WI7780.002019-10-02 1218.8 mi NNW

Snow Water Equivalent Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Snow Water Equivalent
Date (UTC)Distance
WI-WS-5JACKSON 0.2 WSW, WI8960.002019-10-02 1134.3 mi SSE
JACW3JACKSON8890.002019-10-02 1134.3 mi SSE
RNBW3WFO GREEN BAY6730.002019-10-02 1752.8 mi NNE
MKXMILWAUKEE, WI9350.002019-10-02 1855.8 mi S

Raw Precipitation Observations
Station IDNameElev.
Raw Precipitation
Date (UTC)Distance
D7491_MADISDW7491 CALHOUN7610.0012019-10-02 150.8 mi NNE
D7491_MADISDW7491 CALHOUN7610.78242019-10-02 150.8 mi NNE
FCDW3FOND DU LAC-AM7713.43242019-10-02 121.1 mi WSW
FDLW3SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT7410.0012019-10-03 051.9 mi N
FDLW3SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT7410.48242019-10-03 051.9 mi N

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